The 6P 12 Special Moments Countdown to the Holidays!

It’s December and we’re looking forward to the holidays! There’s so much joy going around we can barely keep it all to ourselves. So if you need a little extra holiday boost, come - count down each day until December 24 with your friends at 6P Marketing!

Day 1. 6P Special Moments Countdown Finale


Get ready...

The team at 6P Marketing decided to embrace the abundance of snow this season and have some fun with the white stuff. One person's dream became a reality as she watched her coworkers take buckets of snow to the face!

Watch the anticipation on their faces and the reaction of having it freeze their brain instantly!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from 6P Marketing!


Day 3. Recording Family Christmas Songs - Sarah

Family Christmas Songs


In 2001 and 2006 I somehow convinced my family to record them singing their favorite Christmas carols. My brother was the toughest to convince and when he finally agreed he clearly did not take it serious. Can you guess which one is him singing? As the years went by I got a better microphone and a new computer. So we just had to record another one 5 years later. The quality of sound got better but not the singers. These albums made great gifts and still make us laugh to this day.

Have a listen to a selection of our favorite songs from both albums. There are 12 songs on each but these are the ones that we love the most and make us laugh.

Day 4. Christmas Gifts - Paul

Christmas Gifts


Few things in life bring back nostalgic thoughts of one’s best childhood moments like opening presents. Certainly, it brings back the ideas of hope and wonder and such an idea is not to be under appreciated. December 25 at around 7am, my sister and I would run downstairs and gather together our presents in eager anticipation of our parents getting up so we could unwrap the jolly goodness inside. We were always guaranteed a few treats, a thing or two that was on our Santa list and a few that were not (like socks & underwear). Even so, it was always a pleasure to go through this annual rite so that to this day, December 25 is one of those days I look forward to, not for the presents that mysteriously arrive but for the renewed sense of wonder, delight and hope they brought.  

This is one of the many reasons that I support causes like Inner City Youth Alive - a charity that aims to bring hope to those challenged with positive experiences.


Day 5. Fur Babies - Melissa

Fur Babies


With the holiday season upon us, I think back to the many years before and my treasured memories. Each year, I set up the Christmas tree and decorate it with love (and ornaments). I bask in the glow from the Christmas tree lights and snuggle with my little critters. I watch them play with the ornaments that they’re not supposed to play with, sometimes trying to remove and eat them. While I assure them that the decorations are actually not delicious, they inevitably try anyways. They may not be perfect animals, but they’re my family and I love them.


Day 6. The Man in RED - Crystal

The Man in RED


As a kid, one of the greatest things about Christmas was Santa Claus. My parents would start gearing us up for his arrival by writing him a letter, drawing pictures of him, singing songs about him and of course meeting him. Getting your picture taken with Santa and reminding him again what you wanted for Christmas (in case the letter got lost) was a big deal.

I now get to see the joy of my own daughter Jade, getting to know this man in red. It's like being a kid all over again.


Day 7. Christmas Cookies - Denis

Christmas Cookies

Christmas has always been filled with baking at my place. About two weeks into December my mom would crank up some Boney M and bake like a mad woman. I would help, taste testing, licking the bowl and all that fun stuff.
From that point on until the rest of December I was in desserts bliss. At any moment my brothers and I could just sneak down to the freezer and help ourselves to as many sweat treats as we wanted! Of course my parents thought we were bouncing around the house from all the excitement of Christmas, but it was mostly fuelled by a mad sugar rush! These days I have a better handle on my cookie addiction, I even found this awesome recipe for the World’s healthiest cookies. I've made them a couple times and they're really great!

  • 2 Tablespoon coconut flour
  • 2 Tablespoon mashed banana or zucchini
  • pinch salt
  • Splenda or other sweetener, to taste
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tablespoon of plain yogurt
  • 2 Tablespoon milk
  • chocolate chips

Mix the dry ingredients with the wet, throw them down on a cookie sheet and bake those suckers at 350F for 10 minutes.

Merry Christmas!


Day 8. St. Lucia Day Celebrations - Sarah

St. Lucia Day Celebrations


Growing up my Mom enjoyed a few Swedish Christmas traditions and now that I have my own home I have decided to carry on the tradition of St. Lucia Day. December 13th is a day that is associated with Scandinavian culture and is celebrated all over the world. The date also lands 12 days before Christmas and marks the beginning of the holidays.

As a girl I would help decorate the Christmas tree and weave paper heart decorations while eating Pepparkaker (ginger cookies). This year I attended the St. Lucia Pageant at the Scandinavian Centre and learned a few new things such as drinking Glögg, eating open faced herring sandwhiches, and making wishes before you eat your Pepparkaker.

Today I invite you to learn a bit about St. Lucia day. Here are some links to help you celebrate the promise of light returning after the winter darkness. God Jul!

Celebrate St. Lucia Day - Check out the video!

Free Pepparkaker Recipe - So delicious!

Scandinavian Heart Basket Decoration - Print out and hang on your tree!


Day 9. Christmas LOLs - Rui

Christmas LOLs

The holidays are about traditions and recapturing/remembering happy moments together. For some, it's decorating the tree. Others are excited to eat grandma's famous Christmas dinner. However nothing brings me greater joy and memories during this time of year than a mute British man-child with an unhealthy obsession with a teddy bear and a three-wheeled car as he shoves his head into a turkey and sacrilegiously reenacts the nativity scene.

Watch: Mr. Bean prepares Christmas dinner.
Watch: Mr. Bean reimagines the nativity scene.


Day 10. Celebrating the Festival of Lights - Adam

Celebrating the Festival of Lights

Each year, we mark the occassion of Hanukkah by celebrating as a family, and for that it is a time that I look forward to each and every holiday season.

It is a fun exercise to figure out interesting and meaningful gifts for those close to me, especially my wife with whom I exchange gifts each night for all eight nights of Hanukkah.

Of course, who can forget the smorgasbord of festive foods and treats that we get to indulge in during a time where a few extra pounds is not considered a bad thing - but rather a bit of extra insulation from the cold!


Day 11. Tobogganing with the Family - Paul

Tobogganing with the Family


Winter for me, unlike a number of people I know, is always a positive experience. Fresh air, clean / white surfaces, close family gatherings, outdoor sports, hearty food and appreciation for indoors / warmth are among them. My family history with tobogganing encompasses all of these aspects and, from my experience, produces nothing but pure happiness in people from all walks of life, young and old. When my family and I go, you cannot help but experience sheer joy regardless of your predisposition and this is unlike many other activities in life. So, my family and I, on the odd occasion experience this every year and each year is different but always, always, regardless of the weather is pleasant beyond compare.

Day 12. Peace - Frank


While my wife (Michelle), Charlie and I now live in Toronto, we have spent 17 of our 20 Christmas Holidays together in Winnipeg visiting Michelle’s family and friends. Nine years ago Charlie joined our holiday pilgrimage. Typically we drove in through the Upper Michigan Peninsula a few days before and then sorted out the politics of who to see, when and for how long when we got here. As I look back over all those years, my most memorable times were not with the family and friends (many of who have since passed away), but rather my morning walks in Maple Grove Park (around St. Mary’s + the Perimeter Hwy). Walking and playing there alone with Charlie on a bright, cold Christmas mornings always made me feel very grateful and peaceful.

I hope you enjoy this holiday season and that you too find and enjoy a place of gratitude and peace.
This is Charlie coming home from a walk with me covered in Christmas morning hoar-frost.

Looking for even more merriment?