New Website
Protegra recently reconfigured its business model and needed a website to present this new positioning. With an important conference happening in 4 weeks time, they turned to the 6P team to develop a mobile friendly website that they could self-administer and that supported their new sales efforts.


Duxton Windows & Doors

DUXTON Windows & Doors asked us to create a new website that is more appealing and user-friendly to architects and that elevates the overall stature of the brand. With deep content, it was also a goal for current customers and potential customers to be able to use the website as a specifying resource.


Keener Jerseys

Brand and Website
6P Marketing was tasked to develop a brand position and identity for Keener Jerseys. The objective; a balance between professionalism, sportiness, and friendliness. The website design needed to reflect these same. values and make it very easy for prospects to design and order their custom made sports jerseys online.


The Access Store

Website and Rebranding
The Access Store’s mission is to help to improve the lifestyle of people living with disabilities in our communities. The goal of the website and re-branding was to bring a human and inspirational dynamic to this brand which is focused on providing expertise on accessibility and the products that improve accessibility and mobility.


The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC) is a national organization that serves as a resource to 250 Mennonite Brethren churches across Canada. The goal of the video project was to create a 3 to 4-min video that answers the question, “what does CCMBC do?” and how does it benefits the churches it serves.


The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

Conference Theme
The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC) held their bi-annual conference in Vancouver and needed a creative theme to establish the look, feel and messaging for all components of the promotional campaign. The goal was to create awareness, stimulate interest, and entice church leaders to register and attend the event.

CCMBC The Gathering Conference

Milnco Insurance

Brand Refinement / New Website (Dec 24)
In Q3 of 2014, Milnco went through an organizational change and needed a website that would support their new direction. They asked 6P Marketing to help them define their new brand direction and build them a website that supports their sales and new brand positioning. On Christmas eve of 2014, the Milnco team got their wish: a brand new website.


Inner City Youth Alive

Fundraising Gala Event
Inner City Youth Alive came to us because they needed help with their gala theme design. Their annual Gala is designed to engage donors and maximize their fundraising efforts. In 2014, for the third year in a row, ICYA managed to break their previous year's record and raised over $200k in one evening.


Technology Councils of North America (TECNA)

The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) Asked 6P to refresh their brand. We developed a new logo and brand standards for print, web and social media.


ICTAM: Information Communications Technology Association of Manitoba

New Website
ICTAM was looking for a company to develop a website that was professionally designed and that was easy to self-manage such that it supported them in their ongoing communication efforts. 6P Marketing was selected and successfully delivered a website that exceeded their needs.


Rural Municipality of Ritchot

Throughout the first quarter of 2014, 6P Marketing worked closely with the Municipality of Ritchot to update / refresh / redesign their logo and to develop a new brand position that that focuses on their competitive strengths relative to other RMs in Manitoba. Their new tagline "Country Skies. City Ties". nicely identifies the advantages that life style offers.

Rural Municipality of Richot

C&T Rentals

Award Application
C&T Rentals was invited to make an award submission to the prestigious President's Award for the American Rental Association, an association of 9000 rental businesses and nearly 1000 manufacturers and suppliers with representation in every U.S. state, all Canadian provinces and 30 other countries. C&T Rentals turned to 6P Marketing to help them with their were rewarded with a win.


Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

Email Marketing / Re-design
Early in 2014, 6P Marketing was asked by the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce to redesign all its emails. 6P worked with MB Chambers and updated the look so that they look contemporary and the design compliments their website.


Friends of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Video Series
When the new Human Rights museum opened, the Friends of the CMHR needed to tell the story behind the dream and the making of the museum on their new Donor Wall, a project that 6P Marketing was a part of envisioning. They turned to 6P Marketing to develop the content and a series of eight tell the inspiring story behind the new museum

Freinds of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights


Responsive Website Upgrade
Since 2011 tablet use has increased dramatically and “responsive web design” has become the new web standard. This year, we helped many of our clients – including Number TEN to upgrade their site so that it’s easy to view on any size of device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Strategic Plans

In 2014, we wrote more strategic plans than ever. Some were full marketing plans while others focused on communications or brand strategy. Each began with a solid understanding of the client's objectives and finished up with a concise action plan that described what needed to be done to achieve the objectives. In 2014 we wrote compact, action plans for manufacturers, industrial cleaners, a municipality, technology associations, a charity, a national faith based organization, an interior design company, insurance companies, builders and a motorcycle dealership.

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