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Winnipeg Website Deisgn for Better Leads

Get found faster, more often and by more prospects. Our website designers are happy to build you a beautiful, functional, lead-generating website complete with search engine optimization.

Winnipeg Website Design for Better Leads

Marketing Plans Built to Succeed

We design short, practical business plans for small businesses to help them achieve their goals. Our team of marketing experts can also aid you via marketing research and customized marketing strategies.

Marketing Plans Built to Succeed

Winnipeg Brand Design and Brand Positioning

We refresh existing brands, create new ones and position them for greater business success. Our brand strategists and graphic designers will ensure that your brand is in tune with your customers.

Winnipeg Brand Design and Brand Positioning

Enjoy a FREE Consultation

We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation so that we can get to know you and your business objectives.

Enjoy a FREE Consultation

Choosing the Right Winnipeg Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency is a cost-effective way to improve marketing quality.

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The team at 6P are always ready, willing and able to help with results-focused solutions to any marketing challenge...

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Our (in-house) online marketing and lead generation team can design and implement online marketing tactics that are tailored to your company’s messaging needs. We’ll work with you to effectively present your company and products online and attract qualified leads to your website as well as to your business locations.

Because your online presence plays a crucial role in increasing your online and offline sales and profit, our online marketing support services include:


Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing your website for better organic search results
To help search engines find your website, our in-house experts work with you to ensure your web address, keywords, meta tags, page titles, links, headlines and articles are all search engine optimized.
Advertising (PPC)
Directing leads to your website through paid advertising
Paid listings on Google and other search engines can get your site visible. Our team will carefully strategize, design, optimize and manage your ads and campaigns, tailored to your target audience.
Social Media
Use social media channels to build your business
Our online marketing strategists, copy writers, and social media experts can help your company harness the power of social media by providing full service social media management solutions and training.

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6P Marketing SEO Services

Getting your site to rank near the top of the page in paid or organic search results is fundamental to a successful online new business development strategy - especially when mobile device traffic is factored into the marketing equation. To help search engines find your website, our in-house online marketing strategists, copywriters, designers and programmers work with you to ensure your web address, keywords, meta tags, page titles, links, headlines and articles, pictures and videos are all search engine optimized.

Choose the service level and add-ons you need and contact us for a free, no obligation, quote.


Find the suitable package for your needs



Packages Overview

For local

Monthly average of
$839 for the first year

For national

Monthly average of
$1,172 for the first year

For international

Monthly average of
$1,892 for the first year

Additional charges for
add-ons may apply.

SEO Audit  

Including website traffic and speed analysis, inbound link quality checks, code and content optimizations, competitor analysis, and recommendations for improvements.


On-page Optimization  

  Keyword Research

up to 20

up to 50

up to 100

Additional Keywords

  Content Improvements

up to 5 pages

up to 10 pages

up to 20 pages

Additional Pages

  Website Optimization


  Website Improvements for Search Engines - Scanning


  Website Improvements for Search Engines - Understanding


  Google Analytics


  Competitior Analysis


  Conversion Tracking

up to 3 items

up to 6 items

up to 10 items

Additional Event Tracking

  Mobile Site Optimization


  Image Gallery and Video Optimization


  404 Error Page Optimization


  Local SEO


  Content Marketing - On-Page

1 Post/Mth

2 Posts/Mth

3 Posts/Mth

  Google Analytics Customized Dashboards


Per request

  Google My Business Configuration


  Content Marketing - Off-Page


  Link Building


  Link Removal

Per Request

  Directory Submission


  Targeted Traffic Program


  News Feed Program


  Link Reclamation


  Website Performance Reports




Per Request

Cannot find your suitable items in these packages?
Use Add-ons to add what is missing, or contact us for a Customized package.

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Our branding and creative service group is made up of brand strategists, graphic designers and website developers who give birth to new brands and grow current ones.

Our graphic and website design process varies dramatically by project scope and budget size. Some brands just want to be the local favourite, while others want to compete in global markets.

Common to all of our branding projects are:

  • The brand needs to speak to the customer in a contemporary, relevant manner
  • It needs to support the operational USP
  • Creative must work in online and offline media

Whether you need a single piece, like a brochure or website, a small business starter kit, or a comprehensive multi-media campaign, we promise that your clients will experience more integrated brand communications.

We make the most of each creative project because we look at it through a business lens first to ensure we support and merchandise your unique, sustainable brand advantage.

Take our 2 min. Brand Integration Test

Marketing plans lay out the most effective path to success for your particular brand.

Uncovering and defining your brand's unique and sustainable business advantage is mission critical because the marketing plan should leverage that advantage in a manner that the competition can't easily follow or copy, and also turn the operational advantage into a compelling selling proposition.

The marketing plan is written in the context of your brand’s vision, values, brand standards, project timeline and budget.

Marketing research describes where you are and what you're up against.

Online research (surveys, polls) and offline research (interviews, focus groups) are used to understand and define your current position on the business terrain in which you compete. This includes data about your company, your customers, the competition, product and service options, market fragmentation and more.

Marketing strategies describe how the job will get done.

At 6P Marketing, our strategies include:

  1. Passion
  2. People
  3. Product
  4. Promotion
  5. Place
  6. Price

Read more about our six Ps of marketing.

To leverage the power of traditional media alongside the online marketing tools, we offer two different kinds of advertising support to meet the diverse needs of our clients and the customers they serve:

Integrated Advertising

Our integrated advertising support services include all the online marketing options as well as offline marketing options including:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Trade show booths
  • Outdoor boards
  • Brochures
  • (Canada Post and Digital) Newsletters
  • Magazine and newspaper ads

Clients with diverse customer appeal need a carefully selected blend of online and offline media to reach all of their customers and prospects.

General Advertising

Many of our clients come to us because they need a bit of advice or some help with a brochure, a website or an old logo.

We are Manitoba's Small Business Experts and serve a wide variety of corporate, commercial, industrial, financial and retail brands.

We can assure you that no matter what your budget or audience is, we can support you with better advertising and work that encourages your audience to follow you and use your brand more often.

6P Marketing is an advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing and online / internet advertising including search advertising (Google AdWords) and social media (Facebook marketing).

Google Partners Certified

The Google Partners badge is a trust signal that communicates that we have been qualified by Google to expertly build and manage your online marketing campaigns in Google AdWords.


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