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Winnipeg Website Deisgn for Better Leads

Get found faster, more often and by more prospects. Our website designers are happy to build you a beautiful, functional, lead-generating website complete with search engine optimization.

Winnipeg Website Design for Better Leads

Marketing Plans Built to Succeed

We design short, practical business plans for small businesses to help them achieve their goals. Our team of marketing experts can also aid you via marketing research and customized marketing strategies.

Marketing Plans Built to Succeed

Winnipeg Brand Design and Brand Positioning

We refresh existing brands, create new ones and position them for greater business success. Our brand strategists and graphic designers will ensure that your brand is in tune with your customers.

Winnipeg Brand Design and Brand Positioning

Enjoy a FREE Consultation

We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation so that we can get to know you and your business objectives.

Enjoy a FREE Consultation

Choosing the Right Winnipeg Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency is a cost-effective way to improve marketing quality.

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The team at 6P are always ready, willing and able to help with results-focused solutions to any marketing challenge...

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6P Marketing is a collaborative marketing agency that helps you create more passionate consumers and brand connections for better short and long term business results.

We are 6P because it takes more than the old four Ps of marketing – Product, Place, Promotion and Price – to get ahead in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It takes two more P's – People and Passion – to really succeed.
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Our big idea was launched in a small Winnipeg office in 2007: To help small businesses that couldn’t afford a full-time marketing department to develop and promote their brands effectively, professionally and ethically. Along the way, we’ve grown to become Manitoba’s Small and Medium-Sized Business Experts, offering strong brand leadership and comprehensive campaigns, as well as practical, scalable solutions for communications challenges.

In June of 2015, 6P Marketing merged with Edge Marketing Strategies to provide clients with more breadth and depth in the marketing and communications solutions and services they require to meet their goals. As complementary collaborative firms with shared values and individual areas of specialized expertise, this merger has strengthened and rounded out our service offerings in the areas of brand management, design, content marketing, websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising.


Paul Provost - 6P Marketing
President of 6P
Robert Mensies - 6P Marketing
Director of Client Strategy
Tracey Winch - 6P Marketing
Director of Client Services
Brent Smith - 6P Marketing
Brand Developer / Marketing Strategist
Frank Wehrmann - 6P Marketing
Director of Creative Services
Sarah Sabitini - 6P Marketing
Senior Web Designer
Steve Bamburak - 6P Marketing
Creative Director
Crystal Johnson - 6P Marketing
Art Director
Denis Grenier - 6P Marketing
Graphic Designer
Megan Wilton - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
Kelly Bruce - 6P Marketing
Media Coordinator
Farimehr - 6P Marketing
Marketing Strategist
Geraldine - 6P Marketing
Online Marketing Manager
Rick Klimczak - 6P Marketing
Senior Consultant
Vaughn Stewart - 6P Marketing
Web Developer
Lisa Paille - 6P Marketing
Culture and Operations Manager
Ana Grace Sabellano - 6P Marketing
Ana Grace
Web Developer
Luisa Romero - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
Adam Kozachuk - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
Glen Sapach - 6P Marketing
Creative Lead
Michael Symmons - 6P Marketing
Garth - 6P Marketing
Graphic Designer
Jordena - 6P Marketing
Media Manager
Rochelle - 6P Marketing
Media Project Manager
Dafne Orbach - 6P Marketing
Marketing Strategist
Vitaliy Eydelnant - 6P Marketing
Online Marketing Manager
Bryan Wang - 6P Marketing
Web Developer
Croft Petersmeyer - 6P Marketing
Business Development / Marketing Communications Director
Susan Barber - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
Marketing Services Coordinator
2020 Squared Headshots Diana
2020 Squared Headshots Praneet
Marketing Services Coordinator

Our Mission: 

To release the passion in our clients' products or services
for their world to experience.

Our Approach

  • Collaboration: We see our clients as experts in their fields, and seek opportunities to work closely with our clients and each other.
  • Perspective: We work closely with our clients to identify what they do best and what they are prepared to do consistently to build sales in the short term and brand equity in the long term.
  • Experience: Our management team has 60+ years of combined marketing experience working with international, national, regional, provincial and local organizations.
  • Holistic Thinking: We ensure we have a solid understanding of your operations, brand voice, people, passion and market before developing communications solutions.
  • Scalable: We understand that marketing challenges and budgets are not correlated. As such, our initial meetings focus on our compatibility and helping you frame your marketing problem realistically to work within your budget.

Our Beliefs

  • We take a business approach to marketing and advertising.
  • Honesty and integrity are what we value most in our clients and ourselves
  • We treat clients and customers with dignity and respect and expect the same in return
  • We develop communications for our clients that are focused on their customers’ needs, wants and opportunities
  • We believe a passionate customer response is the best indicator that we're on the right path and growing the brand
  • Our best ideas come from unique insights into the consumer's relationship with your product or service, not from our creative department

Our Values

  • We are creative, motivated and ambitious
  • We provide insightful and engaging marketing services
  • We are open to criticism and honest with our opinions
  • We respect each other, our clients and our suppliers
  • We collaborate, communicate and have fun
  • Laughter is our soundtrack
  • Passion is our first marketing pillar and our USP

What brings out the best in us?

  • We've learned that we do our best work for clients who:
  • Really understand their businesses operationally
  • Can see their products or services objectively from their core consumer’s perspective
  • Are progressive and open minded
  • Are friends of change

6P Marketing provides the best rates for your marketing and advertising needs

There are several ways to purchase our services. Choose the one that works best for you and your organization:

By the Budget

Tell us how much you would like to spend and we'll tell you what all your options are within budget.

By the Hour

Our hourly rates are based on the work you need and each project is individually priced. Here are some project examples:

  • Marketing plan
  • Graphic design for a poster
  • Website design
  • A new logo design
  • A brand positioning project

By the Project

Send us your brief (a detailed description of what you need) and we'll provide you with an estimate.

Drop Us a Line

If you have any questions on this or a related matter, please contact us at any time.

Pricing with No Surprises

  • All projects are estimated in writing up front, before work starts (unless you ask us to proceed without an estimate)
  • All rates and estimates are based on the services you need
  • Specific deliverables and scope are clearly defined so you see what you'll get for the estimated price we provide you
  • In most cases we include two revisions in our project prices
  • Items not included in the scope of work and not listed in the estimate are not considered part of the estimated project cost
  • Additional client requests, including additional design or copy revisions, will be billed extra

Retainer Pricing

For larger or ongoing projects we can bill you on a monthly basis to make budget and cash flow management easier for you. 3-month trial and 6 or 12-month term contracts are available.


The better we know you, your marketing needs and your brand standards, the more efficient we can become at delivering our marketing and advertising services:

  • Work volume (reduced package pricing for multiple projects)
  • Work consistency (reduced package pricing for regular project work)
  • Project size (reduced pricing for larger jobs)
  • Speed of payment (reduced pricing for COD and up to 15-day terms)
Our Approach: The 6P Marketing Boardroom

We create cost-effective, results-oriented marketing solutions for a wide variety of small to medium sized organizations.

Some are nurturing small emerging brands, others are growing established ones, while others are trying to revitalize mature ones. In each case, we help our clients identify their brand truth, bring it to life with passion and present it to the world in a customer-relevant manner. We employ a wide variety of big business marketing communication processes scaled down to suit your business needs at prices your business can afford. The people who work at 6P Marketing and the clients we serve are all very passionate about what they do. And with genuine collaboration we work magic. Here are a few perspectives to help you better understand who we are and how we work:


Our team is integrated and we seek out opportunities to work closely with each other and our clients. We see our clients as experts in their field as we are in ours.


Our management team has over 60 years of marketing experience working with international, national, regional, provincial and local organizations.


We work closely with our clients to identify what they do best and what they are prepared to do consistently over time to build both short term sales and long term brand equity.

Holistic Thinking

When developing communication solutions, we prefer to have a solid understanding of your operations beforehand to ensure we all understand what builds and what erodes your brand's share of voice, share of mind, share of heart and share of market.


Marketing challenges and budgets are not correlated. Small accounts can have marketing challenges that are just as daunting as those of large established organizations. Accordingly, our initial meetings focus on our compatibility and your ability to frame your marketing problem realistically. It's not about your budget size.

The 6P Way - 4 Steps to Success

We're "6P" Marketing because you need more that the traditional four to break through in today's highly competitive global marketplace. While the first four Ps will help you promote and sell your products or services, you need two more - People and Passion - to a build a great brand.

Here's how the six Ps work together at 6P Marketing:


Because people buy benefits, not products, we focus on what your customers think of your brand, your products and your services, how they use them, as well as what they see as the logical alternative to what your brand has to offer. We also dig deep to identify all of the benefits that set your brand and product lines apart from the alternatives.


Place can make or break a new or established brand and can be used strategically to differentiate your brand from the competition. Think Netflix™ and Blockbuster™. Province, city, neighbourhood, street, store location & design, in-store product position, display type and product size are just a few of the many variables that affect sales from a “place” perspective. While we've used a terrestrial example here, “place” is equally important online.


The “promotion” lays out the sales offer. It should focus on the customer’s need or “pain”, not yours. It should encourage more customers to buy more of what you have to offer more often – at full price. A strong promotion reflects your clear understanding of your target group; what they love about your brand and your product line, what motivates them to buy (more often) and what motivates them to encourage others to try your brand and your products.


In a crowded marketplace, most organizations lower their prices to compete for the available business but a smart pricing strategy ensures that you remain competitive without diminishing the perceived value of your brand or your product line because you can’t make up in volume what you lose on margin. Smart brands focus on “value” because they know that people will travel great distances, stand in lines for hours and pay a premium price for branded products that offer great value and that enhance their personal identity or “journey”.


“People” is our 5th brand building block because great brands are all about People. They’re about the people who came up with the big idea, they’re about those who produced the brand as well as the products or services, those who brought them to market and those that continue to manage the brand. “People” also includes your brand champions; those who work at your company, and the customers who regularly refer others to your brand, your products or your services. Adding “People” to the marketing mix ensures that your most important stakeholders (your employees and your brand champions) are as informed about your brand as your founder and brand managers are.


Passion is the 6th ‘P’ and our Unique Selling Proposition. Passion is the fundamental difference between a cheap product and a premium brand. Without passion employees and customers lose interest in the brand. The relationship fails and your organization fades away. Passion fuels the desire to improve the customer – brand relationship and to constantly improve the quality of your products or services. Passion also has stopping power. It can grab your prospect’s attention and spark a meaningful conversation that provides insights into your brand’s loyalty attributes and core purchase intentions. Passion isn’t a quick shot of adrenaline that’s used once to launch the brand, it’s a fundamental character trait that needs to be present in all that your brand says and does today, tomorrow – and forever.

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