About Us

6P Marketing is a collaborative marketing agency that helps you create more passionate consumers and brand connections for better short and long term business results.

We are 6P because it takes more than the old four Ps of marketing – Product, Place, Promotion and Price – to get ahead in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It takes two more P's – People and Passion – to really succeed.
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Our big idea was launched in a small Winnipeg office in 2007: To help small businesses that couldn’t afford a full-time marketing department to develop and promote their brands effectively, professionally and ethically. Along the way, we’ve grown to become Manitoba’s Small and Medium-Sized Business Experts, offering strong brand leadership and comprehensive campaigns, as well as practical, scalable solutions for communications challenges.

In June of 2015, 6P Marketing merged with Edge Marketing Strategies to provide clients with more breadth and depth in the marketing and communications solutions and services they require to meet their goals. As complementary collaborative firms with shared values and individual areas of specialized expertise, this merger has strengthened and rounded out our service offerings in the areas of brand management, design, content marketing, websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising.


Paul Provost - 6P Marketing
President of 6P
Robert Mensies - 6P Marketing
Director of Client Strategy
Tracey Winch - 6P Marketing
Director of Client Services
Brent Smith - 6P Marketing
Brand Developer / Marketing Strategist
Frank Wehrmann - 6P Marketing
Director of Creative Services
Sarah Sabitini - 6P Marketing
Senior Web Designer
Steve Bamburak - 6P Marketing
Creative Director
Crystal Johnson - 6P Marketing
Art Director
Denis Grenier - 6P Marketing
Graphic Designer
Megan Wilton - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
Kelly Bruce - 6P Marketing
Media Coordinator
Farimehr - 6P Marketing
Marketing Strategist
Geraldine - 6P Marketing
Online Marketing Manager
Rick Klimczak - 6P Marketing
Senior Consultant
Vaughn Stewart - 6P Marketing
Web Developer
Lisa Paille - 6P Marketing
Culture and Operations Manager
Ana Grace Sabellano - 6P Marketing
Ana Grace
Web Developer
Luisa Romero - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
Adam Kozachuk - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
Glen Sapach - 6P Marketing
Creative Lead
Michael Symmons - 6P Marketing
Garth - 6P Marketing
Graphic Designer
Jordena - 6P Marketing
Media Manager
Dafne Orbach - 6P Marketing
Marketing Strategist
Vitaliy Eydelnant - 6P Marketing
Online Marketing Manager
Bryan Wang - 6P Marketing
Web Developer
Croft Petersmeyer - 6P Marketing
Business Development / Marketing Communications Director
Susan Barber - 6P Marketing
Marketing Services Manager
2020 Squared Headshots Diana
2020 Squared Headshots Praneet
Marketing Services Coordinator
2020 Squared Headshots Dennis
Graphic Designer
2020 Headshots Kelli
Marketing Services Coordinator
2020 Squared Headshots LisaD
Office Coordinator / Reception

Our Mission: 

To release the passion in our clients' products or services
for their world to experience.

Our Approach

  • Collaboration: We see our clients as experts in their fields, and seek opportunities to work closely with our clients and each other.
  • Perspective: We work closely with our clients to identify what they do best and what they are prepared to do consistently to build sales in the short term and brand equity in the long term.
  • Experience: Our management team has 60+ years of combined marketing experience working with international, national, regional, provincial and local organizations.
  • Holistic Thinking: We ensure we have a solid understanding of your operations, brand voice, people, passion and market before developing communications solutions.
  • Scalable: We understand that marketing challenges and budgets are not correlated. As such, our initial meetings focus on our compatibility and helping you frame your marketing problem realistically to work within your budget.

Our Beliefs

  • We take a business approach to marketing and advertising.
  • Honesty and integrity are what we value most in our clients and ourselves
  • We treat clients and customers with dignity and respect and expect the same in return
  • We develop communications for our clients that are focused on their customers’ needs, wants and opportunities
  • We believe a passionate customer response is the best indicator that we're on the right path and growing the brand
  • Our best ideas come from unique insights into the consumer's relationship with your product or service, not from our creative department

Our Values

  • We are creative, motivated and ambitious
  • We provide insightful and engaging marketing services
  • We are open to criticism and honest with our opinions
  • We respect each other, our clients and our suppliers
  • We collaborate, communicate and have fun
  • Laughter is our soundtrack
  • Passion is our first marketing pillar and our USP

What brings out the best in us?

  • We've learned that we do our best work for clients who:
  • Really understand their businesses operationally
  • Can see their products or services objectively from their core consumer’s perspective
  • Are progressive and open minded
  • Are friends of change

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