Why Six Ps are much better than four

We're "6P" Marketing because you need more that the traditional four to break through in today's highly competitive global marketplace. While the first four Ps will help you promote and sell your products or services, you need two more - People and Passion - to a build a great brand.

Here's how the six Ps work together at 6P Marketing:


Because people buy benefits, not products, we focus on what your customers think of your brand, your products and your services, how they use them, as well as what they see as the logical alternative to what your brand has to offer. We also dig deep to identify all of the benefits that set your brand and product lines apart from the alternatives.


Place can make or break a new or established brand and can be used strategically to differentiate your brand from the competition. Think Netflix™ and Blockbuster™. Province, city, neighbourhood, street, store location & design, in-store product position, display type and product size are just a few of the many variables that affect sales from a “place” perspective. While we've used a terrestrial example here, “place” is equally important online.


The “promotion” lays out the sales offer. It should focus on the customer’s need or “pain”, not yours. It should encourage more customers to buy more of what you have to offer more often – at full price. A strong promotion reflects your clear understanding of your target group; what they love about your brand and your product line, what motivates them to buy (more often) and what motivates them to encourage others to try your brand and your products.


In a crowded marketplace, most organizations lower their prices to compete for the available business but a smart pricing strategy ensures that you remain competitive without diminishing the perceived value of your brand or your product line because you can’t make up in volume what you lose on margin. Smart brands focus on “value” because they know that people will travel great distances, stand in lines for hours and pay a premium price for branded products that offer great value and that enhance their personal identity or “journey”.


“People” is our 5th brand building block because great brands are all about People. They’re about the people who came up with the big idea, they’re about those who produced the brand as well as the products or services, those who brought them to market and those that continue to manage the brand. “People” also includes your brand champions; those who work at your company, and the customers who regularly refer others to your brand, your products or your services. Adding “People” to the marketing mix ensures that your most important stakeholders (your employees and your brand champions) are as informed about your brand as your founder and brand managers are.


Passion is the 6th ‘P’ and our Unique Selling Proposition. Passion is the fundamental difference between a cheap product and a premium brand. Without passion employees and customers lose interest in the brand. The relationship fails and your organization fades away. Passion fuels the desire to improve the customer – brand relationship and to constantly improve the quality of your products or services. Passion also has stopping power. It can grab your prospect’s attention and spark a meaningful conversation that provides insights into your brand’s loyalty attributes and core purchase intentions. Passion isn’t a quick shot of adrenaline that’s used once to launch the brand, it’s a fundamental character trait that needs to be present in all that your brand says and does today, tomorrow – and forever.