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More Gold Nugget Advice from Tech Marketers in Vegas

By Brent Smith, Brand Developer & Marketing Strategist

Earlier this year, we shared our list of six key takeaways from the seminars we attended at CES 2018. As we are getting closer to CES 2019, we are reflecting on some of the gems that really rang our bell from the event last year. In our first article we expanded on the first half of the list and we’ll expand on the second half of the list:

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2018 Cannes Lions

2018 Cannes Lions - Feel The Creative Pride


Celebrating brilliance in marketing and communications, the Cannes Lions are the most prestigious awards in the advertising industry. On November 21, 6P joined local industry members for a special sneak preview of the 2018 winners.

Every year we share our favourites, as we hope to inspire others with what strong marketing can do. These commercials prove how tapping into consumers’ emotions can make an unforgettable impression.

Seeing winners from all over the world made us proud to be part of an industry that can evoke such strong feelings through creativity and imagination. We hope you enjoy our top picks from among the winners.

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How Scalable is your Business?

scalable solutions
Photo: Mobile World Congress 2018

Per session held Feb 28, 2018 at Mobile World Congress 2018
Presenter: Felix Petersen, Managing Director Europe, VP - Samsung Next

By Paul Provost, President


In February of 2018, 6P’s fearless leader, Paul, took some time during a well-earned vacation to join the Western Canadian Trade Delegation in Barcelona for the 2018 Mobile World Congress.

The following are Paul’s topline takeaways for businesses – not just tech companies – taken from Felix Peterson’s session.

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