6P Marketing nominated for outstanding business of the year

Award Nomination

6P Marketing nominated for outstanding business of the year

At the 34th annual MB Awards by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

6P is delighted and honored to accept the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce nomination for the category of Outstanding Small Businesses in the 34th annual Manitoba Business Awards.

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Get the Picture


The impact of real photography versus stock when communicating to clients

Steve Bamburak, Associate Creative Director

Something strange happened in 1999 and it certainly wasn’t the fall of civilization due to Y2K. While Bill Clinton faced and defeated impeachment charges, Jesse Ventura was sworn in as Governor of Minnesota, and the earth’s population crested 6 billion, something quietly and thoroughly changed the face of advertising forever.

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Web Design Trends

web trends

Frank Wehrmann, Creative Director

While each of you runs a different business, from a design perspective, your needs are all the same: Your new visitors need to know who you are and what you do in about 30 seconds. Repeat visitors need to find want they need to make a decision quickly + effortlessly.

Here are some of the more popular design trends that help make that happen.

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What Was Harry Thinking?

Paul Provost, President

Harry Rosen AdvertisementAbout a month ago I was taken aback by the newest Harry Rosen ad in the Winnipeg Free Press. The big budget print ad features none other than prominent American felon Conrad Black. As soon as I scanned the ad, I began to wonder why a high-end retailer would directly associate its brand with a convicted white-collar criminal?

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Seven must-have iPhone Apps

angry birdSummer iPhone Apps

Daniel Billinkoff
Copywriter / Coordinator
6P Marketing

It’s summer 2010, which means the sun is shining (or the rain is pouring), and the Apple iPhone is huge. Once you pick one up (if you ever find one), what are you going to do with it? 

Although it does have a phone, sort of, it’s the Apps that truly make the iPhone amazing. Here are 7 summer iPhone / iPod Touch apps I recommend to new and old users alike.

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