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Daniel Billinkoff
Copywriter / Coordinator
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It’s summer 2010, which means the sun is shining (or the rain is pouring), and the Apple iPhone is huge. Once you pick one up (if you ever find one), what are you going to do with it? 

Although it does have a phone, sort of, it’s the Apps that truly make the iPhone amazing. Here are 7 summer iPhone / iPod Touch apps I recommend to new and old users alike.

Most addictive game

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Developed by: Clickgamer
Cost: $.99

Who would’ve thought that flinging cartoon birds at little green pigs could be so much fun?!  Angry Birds is simple, crazy fun and extremely addictive. The most addictive in fact! The levels are varied, you get a wide variety of birds to fling and, thanks to generous level updates, Angry Birds will keep you busy well into the fall.

Best game for a long car ride

Scrabble App


Developed by: Electronic Arts
Cost: $2.99

I love Scrabble, but even its travel version isn’t very car friendly. Luckily for Scrabble addicts, the iPhone Scrabble version is amazing! You can navigate the board extremely easily on the small screen using the drag and pinch functions, and the timeless nature of the word game makes it a blast to pass around on the couch while watching a movie. I was sceptical whether or not the game would translate to the device, but it’s wowed me all summer. 

Best App to stay connected

Facebook App


Developed by: Facebook
Cost: FREE

Does it need an explanation? If you’re on Facebook, how could you go a week without it? The lake would be a chore! It’s funny, but I find that Facebook has become a better ‘news’ product than the press or radio. Whether its people complaining about the heat or reviewing a concert as it happens, the ‘real’ news side of Facebook is amazing.

Best Local App to stay in the loop

Winnipeg Headlines App

Winnipeg Headlines

Developed by:
Cost: FREE

Winnipeg Headlines is a news aggregator that lists the top Manitoba news sources (Free Press, Sun, CJOB, Access Winnipeg, CBC etc) and then compiles their headlines. You can quickly compare news stories from around the city across a range of sources, and click through to read the full stories through their original online source. Sure you could DIY with bookmarks, but it’s free and does the trick!

Best App to keep your brain working

Slate App

Developed by: The Washington Post
Cost: $1.99  is my favourite online magazine. Their ‘Slatest’ list is a great way to stay on top of world/pop culture news and the App navigates and displays content perfectly. Simply put, I love it. It’s a couple bucks, and I respect it even more for not being free.

Best App for summer entertaining

Epicurious App


Developed by: Conde Nast Digital
Cost: FREE

This is the mobile app for, a food website containing over 100,000 recipes. You can search recipes by ingredient, meal or dietary concern, and the majority come with delicious  images of the finished product. From corned beef hash to tagliatelle with fresh corn pesto, if you’re entertaining this Fummer, Epicurious can help you plan your meal. The coolest feature is the ability to create portable shopping lists based on the ingredients in one or multiple recipes, and it contains a ton of fancy summer drink recipes as well.

Must have FREE App of the summer

Weathereye App


Developed by: The Weather Network
Cost: FREE

WeatherEye is a free alternative to the basic weather app that comes with the iPod / iPhone. WeatherEye has more features, better long range info and, from my experience, is more accurate than the app that comes with the phone. Winnipeg weather is crazy and unpredictable. The App is free. Download it now!

I hope these App recommendations help you get off on the right foot with your iPhone 4, or enjoy your older iPhone/touch even more.

If you have any Apps that you love and adore, send me an email and I'd love to try them out!

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