Envisioning tomorrow through artistic expression

envisioning tomorrow

Mary Sohn
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Welcome to 2011. The memory of 2000 still seems recent. Yet as the decades trickle by, we still move on, still dream, and hope to progress and change. What lovely, human qualities. With the year of the tiger coming to a close making way for the quieter rabbit, Winnipeg is stirring under its frozen veneer.

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Tony Scherman: A Major Acquisition

tony scherman

At the WAG January 9, 2010 to March 14, 2010

Tony Scherman is one of the most provocative contemporary practitioners of encaustic painting in Canada. Until recently the WAG held only a single representation of his work, but in 2009
Scherman graciously donated eleven impressive paintings spanning his entire career.

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Richard Harrington: Arctic Photographer

richard harrington

At the WAG November 28, 2009 to March 14, 2010

Richard Harrington (1911–2005) was one of Canada’s most respected photographers. Emigrating from Germany in the mid-1920s, he travelled to over 100 countries in the course of his career: some 2,400 photograph stories were published in magazines and 24 books. In 1987 a major exhibition of his photographs, Incredible Journeys, was held at the Canadian Museum of Photography in Toronto.

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