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envisioning tomorrow

Mary Sohn
Account Coordinator
6P Marketing

Welcome to 2011. The memory of 2000 still seems recent. Yet as the decades trickle by, we still move on, still dream, and hope to progress and change. What lovely, human qualities. With the year of the tiger coming to a close making way for the quieter rabbit, Winnipeg is stirring under its frozen veneer.

Artistic ExpressionOne of the most important art shows in Canada,Close Encounters: The next 500 years, kicked off in Winnipeg this month--it beautifully embraces our 6P newsletter theme of envisioning. This celebration of Aboriginal artwork has drawn international indigenous artists and curators from across the world.

Artists have been challenged to predict and envision the next 500 years for native populations. The result is a gorgeous collection of work displayed in spaces across downtown Winnipeg. All pieces push the line of surrealism, predict the future, blur boundaries, and importantly challenges stereotypes. I encourage you to enjoy this international celebration of art in our humble hometown of Winnipeg.

All events are free to attend and carry on until closing in May.

At her artist's talk, in the intimate venue at Aqua Books, Rosie Favell quoted Louis Riel's important words: "My People will sleep for 100 years. When they awake, it will be the artists that give them back their spirit." This quote perfectly encapsulated the soul of this show. Her words silenced the room and the power of those syllables moved the audience to still reflection.

Art is a powerful medium used to communicate, stir emotion, direct change. Even in the dark, stormy climate that is January in Winnipeg, our humble city maintains its vibrancy. The light that pours forth from Close Encounters is a beautiful contrast to our stark winter landscape. As we envision the warmth of spring, let's not forget the beauty of the present. I urge you to enjoy the rich culture that abounds in this city even in the coldest months, and make the effort to brave the ice and snow to enjoy an art collection that truly warms the soul.

More information on Close Encounters and all ongoing exhibits and events is available here...

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