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“The times they are a changin’.” - Bob Dylan, 1964

The shopping habits of property purchasers (home buyers, business owners and others) have slowly been changing over the last decade or so, thanks to the boom in Internet-based information. Where in the past a shopper was at the mercy of a real estate agent guiding them through listings and site visits, today they are more likely to do independent research and pick-and-choose what they see.

This is similar to what was reflected in a presentation at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show for another big ticket purchase - automotive. Here, the vice president of Nissan noted that car buyers today visit two dealerships on average, whereas before they would see five. This is because they are much better informed on what they want before stepping foot on a lot. The same principle applies to property buyers.

The challenge, then, is for property builders or realtors to provide the necessary content up front so the purchaser can get a strong enough preview that they will book an in-person consultation or viewing. In other words, the goal is to educate your prospects. This is accomplished by using a variety of platforms – building a website, writing blogs, sharing content on social media, producing physical pieces like brochures, advertising on and offline and other services.

Educating your audience can positively affect their perceptions, so you can get more people in your showroom or open house and increase the likelihood of a sale. Regardless of the end goal (a property manager, for example, will have a much different purpose than a homebuyer), buyers share the same M.O. – get as much information as they can before going out to see a salesperson and do a site visit.

Establishing trust

Providing the necessities to attract buyer attention, however, isn’t just throwing stats and images together. A big part of successful education is establishing faith – that the company is knowledgeable, capable and trustworthy.

Educating your buyers via websites, email newsletters and social media gives your prospects and clients free advice and information that they will value in their shopping process. This translates into trust and increased willingness to consider what is being sold.

Most people don't do business with organizations or representatives they don't trust, especially when it comes to large purchase like buying and developing property. The lowest prices or quickest processing don’t matter if there is no confidence.

To learn more on how to educate your audience, contact the 6P Marketing office and ask for our free “Educating your Audience” presentation. In 60 minutes we will take you through a guide that will help you understand this important marketing strategy.

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