The Power of Song – Wave Your Flag


Paul Provost
6P Marketing

  • Do you ever catch yourself singing in your car on your way to work?
  • Ever cried watching a commercial?
  • If you look around your office, do you hear music playing or see people connected to their iPods?


Music is a powerful device. South Africa Flag
Music can bring sadness, happiness, anger, sexual tension, nostalgia and/or an insatiable desire to dance or sing in the most unnatural of places (like your car on your way to work). People often connect popular music with certain events in their lives. For example, I remember the song that played during the final dance at my high school prom. I remember the first songs my sons sang along to.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been humming, singing and dancing to one song. It’s a song that is simply fun, positive and uplifting. This song has also infected those are around me. I send my kids to school humming it and catch myself singing portions of it throughout the day. If you can’t tell… I really like this song.

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