2019 Cannes Lions

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The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity celebrates the very best in marketing and advertising from all over the globe. As we watched winners and runners-up for the highest honours in the advertising industry on the big screen at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, we felt enormous pride to be a part of such a dynamic industry that makes real connections with people through masterful storytelling.

We love to share our favourites every year in the hopes that they inspire others to create great marketing for their clients or businesses.


Mercedes Benz 2019

The Journey That Changed Everything | Bertha Benz


Vikings - Great Shows Stay With You | Prime Video


This Bud's For 3 | feat. Dwyane Wade


Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Great Shows Stay With You | Prime Video


The Truth Is Worth It: Perseverance | The New York Times




Screen The Blood, Not The Sexuality | The Gaydr

Spark Generation Voice is here

Generation Voice is here | Spark


A World Without Borders

Generation Lockdown - March For Our Lives

Generation Lockdown - March For Our Lives

Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil

Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil

Winter is coming

"Winter is coming"

Flossa - Nordea Sverige

Flossa - Nordea Sverige

John Lewis | Bohemian Rhapsody

John Lewis | Bohemian Rhapsody


2018 Cannes Lions

2018 Cannes Lions - Feel The Creative Pride


Celebrating brilliance in marketing and communications, the Cannes Lions are the most prestigious awards in the advertising industry. On November 21, 6P joined local industry members for a special sneak preview of the 2018 winners.

Every year we share our favourites, as we hope to inspire others with what strong marketing can do. These commercials prove how tapping into consumers’ emotions can make an unforgettable impression.

Seeing winners from all over the world made us proud to be part of an industry that can evoke such strong feelings through creativity and imagination. We hope you enjoy our top picks from among the winners.

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2017 Cannes Lions

2017 Cannes Lions - Let Creativity Roar

Let Creativity Roar!

Cannes Lions is the world's biggest celebration of creativity in communications, and the most prestigious international advertising awards.

In November, 6P joined the Advertising Association of Winnipeg for a special screening of the 2017 Cannes Lions – World’s Best Commercials. Every year, we share our favorites amongst the winners. These ads from 2017 perfectly portray bravery – both on the part of the client, as well as the agencies.

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