Being Thankful is Always Appreciated

being thankful

Paul Provost
6P Marketing

We are truly privileged to work with some fantastic people at some great companies. The most rewarding part is that they feel so good about our relationship that they regularly refer other fantastic people at other great companies to work with us. In the last week, I was thankful for:

- One long-standing client calling to personally thank me for making a thoughtful recommendation about a seemingly small and minor aspect of his firm’s ongoing marketing.  It was about one little detail out of the hundreds that I deal with for them on a monthly basis; truly a sign that the little things do matter for them as they do / should for us.

- Another long-standing client who sent me some new front-line information that he’d learneHappy Thanksgiving from 6Pd that contradicted a pretty important assumption regarding the industry they / we were targeting; he was not blaming us for the oversight, but simply looking for suggestions on this fact’s impact on present and future activities.

- One client who we've been working with on a very complex challenge agreed to further entrust us to help them execute the solution that we have been working together to solve. 

- One client saying “thank you” for the thank you we sent to her for referring another client to us.

- Another prospective client that was referred to us when we launched a new client website. We are still ‘in talks,’ but I got the sense that we will do great things together.

- The team at 6P, every one of them. They are always working towards the best possible solution for our clients, despite the uncertainty that we all work with every day.  I could rewrite this whole article just on the appreciation I have for them (maybe next month' article).

- My family.  No thank you list (client, team or other) could be complete without them; I am everyday thankful for their never-ending support.

- I know I could go on and on and I am thankful for that.

- Conversely, I am surprisingly also thankful for prospective clients who choose not to work with us because we are not a good fit for each other.

By working smart and hard, through collaboration, respect and teamwork, we will achieve the objectives set out by our clients and for ourselves. This is the backbone of how we work and I am thankful for the clients that like that about us. I am also thankful for those clients who choose not to use us because of it, because the right fit is the key to our success.

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