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Case Study: How One Business Used Positioning and Branding to Succeed

Paul Provost, President

In a recent interview with a business leader that markets high-end custom woodwork/millwork products to consumers, we came across a great story to share about how companies with high-end brands can achieve differentiation by investigating niche positioning and great branding.

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Web Design Trends

web trends

Frank Wehrmann, Creative Director

While each of you runs a different business, from a design perspective, your needs are all the same: Your new visitors need to know who you are and what you do in about 30 seconds. Repeat visitors need to find want they need to make a decision quickly + effortlessly.

Here are some of the more popular design trends that help make that happen.

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What Was Harry Thinking?

Paul Provost, President

Harry Rosen AdvertisementAbout a month ago I was taken aback by the newest Harry Rosen ad in the Winnipeg Free Press. The big budget print ad features none other than prominent American felon Conrad Black. As soon as I scanned the ad, I began to wonder why a high-end retailer would directly associate its brand with a convicted white-collar criminal?

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A Passion for Small Business

Paul Provost,President

People passionate about small businessesWhen people think business they usually think big business. They think of large corporations and big employers. When people think of business owners, they often picture wealthy business people driving BMWs across town in sharp suits. The truth though is that some 98% of all employer businesses in Canada are small businesses. Powering these small businesses are passionate movers and shakers who have dreams of success, each with a unique set of resources (skills, talents, assets, experience) that will help them make it or break it.

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Something to think about this Canada Day

something to think about

Frank Wehrmann, Creative Director

Michelle (my wife), Charlie (our dog) and I just got back from a 5,000 km plus trip that took us to Winnipeg and back, through Canada and many Northern States. It was a beautiful trip across a wonderful country packed with interesting people and places.

Sadly, we're seeing more and more abandoned homes and businesses along the primary and secondary roads we travel. In some cases it's because the latest highway improvement did away with the vital off-ramp. In other cases the industry that gave reason for the town and sustained it has moved on.

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