Agencies and ROI – Are you really spending more?

6P Marketing in Winnipeg focuses on your return on investment.

When I meet with a company– a client or a prospect – on their digital and online efforts the conversation about the services 6P offers usually turns to ROI – return on investment.

Two questions pop up relating to this:
1. How much return will I see?
2. How quickly will I see it?

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Driving your website forward

Website structure - 6P Marketing

Working in website development can be very similar to being a manufacturer.

If we use automobile manufacturing as an example, your expertise is in constructing a beautiful piece of technology that has styling which appeals to different demographics. The purpose of your end product is practical: Whereas a car provides transportation, a website provides information and sales while a car provides transportation. Both have extra parts that can provide safety, entertainment, comfort and navigation.

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Broken Trust with Tim’s: It’s a brand problem!

Tim Hortons coffee - is it on branding life support? Read more from 6P Marketing.

“Trust is an important driver of consumer purchasing decisions.” – Saul Klein, Dean, Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

So goes the importance of branding. If you have confidence from your customers, you’ll succeed; lose their following and the ground you stand on will start to quake.

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