The Not-So-Mystical World of Social Media Marketing

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Kevin Parsons
Business Development Specialist
6P Marketing

The popularity of social media marketing continues to rise year after year. To grab an even greater share of online ad dollars, the main social media platforms continuously develop new and creative ways to help businesses reach a greater audience.

While this may seem exciting – and in many ways it is – many of the business owners we speak with consider social media to be a main stress point. Here are the three most common scenarios we hear from business owners:

1. Their company isn’t on social media, but they have a gut feeling that they are missing out on opportunities.

2. The company is on social media, but there is no one managing it.

3. The company is on social media, but the owner has no way to gauge whether it is working or not.

If any of these sounds like you, we can help. Here are some of the top tips that inevitably pop up in our social media discussions (we're happy to share!):

Remember that social media is a medium. To those who don’t use social media, it seems to have a bit of a mystical quality. In relation to marketing, though, it is not unlike television, radio, print or sky-writing. At its core, social media is one of many mediums that can be used to reach and engage your audience.

Determine whether your audience is on social media. If you are selling to a segment of the population who has one of the lowest usage rates of a particular platform, don’t worry about being active on it. The more advanced version of this is determining if your customers seek information about you on social media.

Keep all messaging consistent with your brand. Although it is on the internet and the internet loves cat videos, that doesn’t mean your company should be posting cat videos. Stay on brand or you may end up shooting yourself in the foot.

If you don’t use it, lose it. If you’re not going to provide updates on a quasi-regular basis, don’t bother. It’s better that people find your website than an inactive Facebook page or Twitter account.

Tracking limitations aren't the end of the world. It’s a popular marketing promise that all online activity can be tracked - that’s simply not the case. As with all marketing, there will always be unknowns in the purchase decision. The important thing is that you get to know which metrics are available and make the most of the data on a regular basis.

Social media is not really free. The time that you or an employee takes to create content for social media has a cost. Additionally, all social media platforms are finding new and fun ways to get companies to pay to access their customer base.

IMPORTANT: Be ready for complaints. On the whole, more people engage with a brand online to complain than to compliment. Be prepared for this to happen and determine what your response will be before the heat of the moment.

All in all, social media doesn’t have to be scary. Ignore the buzzwords out there in blogs and treat it like all other advertising: Determine whether it’s the right medium for you, be strategic and keep it on brand.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to give Paul Provost a call at 204.474.1654 or email and I'd love to discuss your social media marketing strategy.

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