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Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing Toronto

I’m in my mid-50s now, was born in Canada at the tail end of the Post WW2 baby-boom to German parents who came to Canada after the war. Their education, social background and life experiences affected how they raised their six children. My parents were 26 when my sister Petra was born. By the time I came along, nine years later, they had themselves, the other five kids and their new life in Canada sorted out. I had it much easier than my older brothers and sisters.

Because my parents had lost everything, they took a very


pragmatic, cautious approach to life and to childrearing.
As children of these parents we are risk averse.

My good friend Enid is in her mid-70s, was born in England.
She has lived in Canada, Australia, Fiji and now calls New Zealand home. Enid’s parents did not serve in the war. They took their family on two seaside vacations each year and taught their children that the world was their oyster to explore and enjoy. Enid’s grown-up sons now live in New Zealand and Canada. Enid taught her sons what she was taught: the world is their oyster to explore and enjoy, that they can do anything. Dane, Kirby and Linton are all very dynamic, outgoing confident people.

Because Enid’s parents experienced more opportunity than loss,
they took a very optimistic approach to life and to childrearing.

Enid and sons are optimistic and open to new opportunities

What about your brand?
Where did your brand originate? Who conceived of it? Who nurtured it? Under what kind of economic climate and social conditions did it mature? Did you teach your brand and brand managers that the world is its oyster, or did you teach your brand to be cautious and careful, to drive safely, wear a hat / sunscreen, and wear clean underwear in case there’s an accident? Are you focused on problems or opportunity?

PLEASE invite your brand to be fearless and live large!
Enjoy each moment, explore and enjoy!

Smart confident teams that have fun at work raise better brands.

It’s that simple if you allow it to be.

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