My Passion Gets Me Hired and Fired

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Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

Passion is one of the fundamental pillars of 6P Marketing and the focus of this month's newsletter. You can read more about all 6 Ps here, or you can find out how passion gets me hired and fired and keep reading.

When I work with clients to address a new or evolving communication issue or opportunity, I become obsessed with the need to find a simple, elegant solution that lays the foundation for a lasting bridge of trust between the brand and the customers it serves.

The bridges I design and build are built the old way, on operational insights and product knowledge that distance the brand from and raise it above the competition. Like any good engineer, I know enough about bridge building to design a great one, but before any bridge can be designed, we need to know the fundamentals of the terrain that must be crossed, the purpose for the crossing, the client's timeline and the budget. 

These four variables are the fundamental difference between these two spans:

Communication Bridge No Communication Bridge

What gets me hired
is the ability to ‘construct’ integrated communication bridges like the one on the left.

What gets me fired is the need to get all of the facts right before ‘construction' begins.

:: Ask any good writer and you’ll find that a great article, story or book takes a lot of time to research. Tough, uncomfortable questions need to be asked, resident experts get challenged and the status quo is toppled while hypotheses are tested. Laying the track for change is not everyone’s cup of tea because:

When we build bridges we put the ferry industry out of business.

The transition from Ferry to Bridge takes time, effort, time, negotiation, time, mediation and time. Many give up because the status quo works, and those who defend it have deep pockets and lots of time.

I choose to apply my passion to improve brands through change.

Through my pursuit of good change, I follow the changing flow of life and the very nature of how we communicate. It's like running DOWN an escalator that’s going down. Applying my effort and being resistant to change is like trying to run UP the steps of an escalator that's going down.

And that brings me to my closing thought.

When I build bridges, my desire to do great work gets me fired up and, on occasion, fired; this happens when people feel / fear that I’m going to change something they hold dear. While the risk of losing a client is huge, I would much rather be acknowledged as the guy that moved the brand along than the guy that ‘defended the status quo.’

Both positions require passion, but different kinds of passion. 

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