6P's Top 10 Online Marketing Tools

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On a daily basis we utilize a wide wide WIDE range of amazing online tools to help us collaborate more efficiently, quantify our clients' marketing results and improve the quality of our work. Without further ado, here is a list of our Top 10 Online Marketing Tools.

Please keep in mind that it wasn't easy ordering these, they're all amazing tools that bring smiles to our faces every day. Enjoy!

#10. Filezilla
A Great Free FTP Solution

Filezilla FTPAt its core, a website is a series of code, files and images stored online in a hosted folder. When you're designing a website and it's time to upload your files to your hosting folder, it's best to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client software. The FTP bridges the gap between your computer and your online hosting, allowing you to add, remove and revise files. The FTP Software we use and love is called Filezilla. It's simple, powerful, has an awesome name and it's open source… so it's free! filezilla-project.org

#9. Google Webmaster Tools
Perfect for Optimizing your Site

GoogleEver wonder how you edit your site’s search result in Google? Sign up with Google Webmaster Tools and you’ll get access to detailed reports and access to how Google displays your site. This tool is great for diagnosing crawl errors, viewing internal and external link reports, discovering your link and query traffic and submitting a sitemap to Google.  www.google.com/webmasters

#8. iA Writer
Focus. Focus. FOCUS on Writing.

LawriterSo you have a ton of great article ideas, but can never find the time to focus and write. Odds are you have the time to write, you just can’t focus... or stop procrastinating. iA Writer changes that. As soon as you start typing everything else fades away. There are no other windows, no options, no fonts… just a blank sheet and your words. It removes the clutter so all you can do is write. Plus, it syncs across your Mac desktop, iPhone and iPad using iCloud or Dropbox!  www.iawriter.com

#7. Tumblr
Micro-blogging Made Easy

TumblrTumblr combines the brevity of Twitter, the scrap booking fun of Pinterest and the design customizability of Wordpress. Tumblr has a faithful, artsy following and is a great way to share images, text entries and videos with friends. Because you can choose from a ton of beautiful templates and customize any of them on the fly, it can even serve as a cool website replacement for bands and artists.  www.tumblr.com

#6. HootSuite
Social Media Managed to the Max

HootsuiteWith so many social networks available today it can be very time consuming to manage each profile individually. HootSuite is a social media dashboard that manages multiple social profiles to save you time. You can even schedule and automate status updates with all the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  www.hootsuite.com

#5. Vimeo
A Cool Take on Video Hosting

VimeoCreating a short video is a great way to engage your audience. Use Vimeo for the best in HD quality and absolutely zero ads. YouTube works great too, but the lack of ads, cool controls and funky interface puts Vimeo on top for us.  www.vimeo.com

#4. Google Analytics
Our Top Web Analytics Pick

GoogleGoogle continues to be a quality statistical tracking program. Its newly designed interface offers endless ways to customize your reports and the stats you want to focus on. New features include real-time data and social engagement to track how visitors interact socially with your site.  www.google.com/analytics

#3. Firebug
A Web Developer’s Dream Tool

FirebugFirebug is a Firefox add-on that allows you to easily examine the HTML and CSS code of websites. You simply click the Firebug icon in your browser and you can then alter any of the code on the page (the changes are only made in your browser of course – you can’t really change the code) so you can easily diagnose coding issues and test out fixes without doing any harm to your site.  www.getfirebug.com

#2. Litmus
HTML Email and Website Browser Testing

LitmusMost people don’t know this (why would they!), but an email newsletter may look completely different in Explorer than in Firefox, or even in Outlook than in Gmail. Because consistency is key, we use Litmus to ensure all of our email newsletters look exactly the way we want in all email environments. Litmus also works with websites, so you can ensure your online pride and joy looks exactly as planned. www.litmus.com

#1. Dropbox
Store and Share Files for Free

DropboxThis isn’t a marketing tool per se, but we love it anyway. Dropbox is an online tool that enables you to create online storage for files and, most importantly, allows you to easily share files with other Dropbox users or even people not using Dropbox. We use it in our office to safely pass files back and forth without the need to send email attachments. We love it!  www.dropbox.com


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