Prepping For a Conference – Stage II: During The Event


Events can be an important part of your business’ success. Whether it’s a two-day conference, a consumer tradeshow or a lunch-n-learn seminar, there are multiple takeaways that come from attending an event.

As part of our three-part series of tips to get you through your next conference experience and get the best results possible for you and your Winnipeg business, we’re looking today at what you can achieve when you are at your event.


At last, the big day is here. You’ve checked into your hotel room, your tradeshow booth is good to go, you’ve picked up your session materials and your lanyard is around your neck.

You've arrived, but now what? Don’t just grab your coffee and Danish and sit in your seminar room – be active and talk to people! Here are a few tips to get the most out of your event experience.

  1. Come early to scout – The trade show floor becomes more valuable as delegates pour onto the floor. Getting into the show at the top of the opening hour will give you the chance to get the lay of the land and mark off where the people you want to meet with are located. Hope over to their booths, greet them and plan out when you’re going to do business. Bonus points for you if you are in on trade show setup day to do this early.
  2. Shake hands, make plans – On this same initial circuit, make the rounds and establish a schedule for when you’re going to meet with particular individuals and / or fulfil plans as discussed in our first article. Delegates may not be at their booths right away, but leaving a note with staff that you’re going to circle back during a break will further emphasize how much you value meeting with your associate.
  3. Sign up for the event app – This is becoming more common than you might think. With so many events running annually and the need for information to be immediately on-hand, mobile apps are being developed to help guide delegates through the often busy schedules of conferences. Grab the app right away to navigate the show you’re attending. Be sure to watch for event hashtags as well for social media announcements and updates, including from those sharing notes from sessions that you’re not able to attend.
  4. Ask questions and take notes – Breakout sessions are chock full of valuable information that you can bring back to your office; but so many delegates suffer from the idea that any necessary information will be available post conference in downloadable presentations or physically in handouts. Don’t fall into this trap – sometimes the best nuggets are mined from post-presentation Q&A or off-the-cuff inspirations. Be sure to also collect as many business cards and contacts as possible for follow up following the conference.


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