Agencies and ROI – Are you really spending more?

6P Marketing in Winnipeg focuses on your return on investment.

When I meet with a company– a client or a prospect – on their digital and online efforts the conversation about the services 6P offers usually turns to ROI – return on investment.

Two questions pop up relating to this:
1. How much return will I see?
2. How quickly will I see it?

It’s understandable – if you’re a businessperson, you’ve likely either worked with an agency in the past or at least have considered using them for projects. The reality is that there is no easy answer to the above ROI questions since getting top rankings on Google, garnering a strong click rate from a social post to your website or upping conversion rates is an inexact science. Even with all of the algorithms measured and mastered, there are still creative aspects that come into play with making your online presence performing to peak ability and stand out in a marketplace where consumers are being more inundated than ever with marketing messages.

Ultimately, if you want to get the best ROI, there must be synchronized messaging in the platforms you will be using, including your website, social media, advertisements and other opportunities you will pursue if you want that ROI to happen. Paid is necessary to maximize quality score and optimize your spend. It may feel overwhelming, but the end goal is to get your story told, and in today’s market, working with an agency of experts makes the most sense.
Let’s start with that economic elephant in the room – the notion that marketing agencies (digital or other)are more expensive than hiring staff. Consider the steps needed if you choose to hire for internal production solely.

Hiring staff from scratch means time investment placing job ads, reviewing submitted applications, interviewing candidates and creating offer letters. In short, that time away from your regular duties is staggering, particularly if you’re a small or medium-sized business who doesn’t have an HR team at your disposal. What’s more, how qualified are you to gauge a good online person or not, and one person will not have all the skills needed – they won’t be a plan writer, an SEO expert, a web developer, a graphic designer, a social expert, a content writer etc. This means you’re hiring a staff, not a single employee.

Now, assuming you find the right people, you have a team in place, but you’re dishing out for salaries and benefits, and your internal team is also potentially at the mercy of your departments and staff who have their own project needs.

All of the sudden, the perceived savings of hiring disappear, and you have a problem on your hands. There are economic benefits to working with a third party firm who comes equipped with all the pieces you need. You don’t need to hire a marketing lead, a designer, a web developer and / or a social media manager – all those aspects are neatly packaged with your marketing firm, all at a fraction of the cost of any one of these salaries.

Laying the groundwork

What an outside firm will do from the outset is define the path to getting you high ROI, and it starts with a plan of action that encompasses all facets of your marketing strategy. Before you purchase a single ad space or lay down money on domains for your website, you need to know what path you’re going to take. The plan will help both yourself and any suppliers you work with (more on this in a moment) in executing tactics that will get you that coveted number one spot in searches, leading to less expense needed on advertising / PPC campaigns.

Once the plan is established, the next phase of work begins. This includes:
- Branding – More than just your logo, branding ensure that text, images, look and tone are consistent through all your messages.
- Web – The construction or renovation of your central online hub to give your brand a strong look, engaging content and overall influential presence online.
- Tactics – Executing on items such as social media posts, blogging and videos to help drive your online presence further.
- Optimization – SEO is used to make your website even friendlier for search engines using keywords and algorithm guidelines, while social media posts are infused with hashtags to make them more searchable and provided visuals (photos and videos) to make them stand out amid a sea of posts.

These are the steps the team at 6P Marketing will take you through. We have worked collaboratively with many companies that came in with preconceived notions based on experiences or mistaken impressions of what agency work is, and have a high success rate of changing opinions.

Success does take time and diligence. Our team is practiced at helping you understand how this works.

Naturally, we want you to be your most comfortable working with us, so feel free to “test the waters” with our staff by working on a smaller project with us. You’ll still get the collaborative approach, meet our team and see all the benefits without a huge budget blow.
To learn more about our services, connect with us by filling out our contact form or calling 204-474-1654.


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