6 Ways your brand can help staff your business

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In today’s day and age, the search for talent is critical to success.

Whether you are in one of the “hot industries” for job seekers or not, there is a high chance you will not get more applications than you hoped for when you put an ad out. It’s the nature of a competitive market that is eternally calling for skills of various levels as the workforce continues to grow.

Publishing a job ad, however, is more complex than you might think. You are not only advertising a position available, but are putting your company out to be viewed to a population who may not have heard of you yet (or may have misconstrued perceptions of what you do). Moreover, the number of options and ways you need to advertise has grown more complex. Gone are the days where one ad in the local paper gets you candidates you want.

At the core of every job ad is the word “ad”. Just like promoting your product or service, your goal is to attract quality individuals to your business with the purpose of buying in. This isn’t something that should be taken lightly and should have careful planning, because if you aren’t fully ready for public viewing, the chances of you attracting the top candidates starts to drop. Candidates today are much more discerning of where they work and a sloppy ad or website says a lot.

The obvious platform where you need to be ready is on your website. No matter the purpose – be it recruitment or customer acquisition – your website needs to be your best foot forward in your digital path. For recruiting, you should have your job posted in a careers section (or more prominently depending on how urgent the need is), but you need to have your best professional foot forward and create a visual presence that will compel a prospect to apply, just as it would a customer to inquire about a product or service.

The items we discuss below, however, go beyond your website and look at what your imprint is in other areas of the Internet where you will be advertising your job opportunity.
Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself as you prep that job ad campaign:

  1. 1. How easy is it for a job seeker to learn about the opportunity? Are you only advertising through Indeed, or are you going to sector-specific recruitment mechanisms? Are you reaching out through networking groups you are part of? Do you have content that can be easily shared by email or social media?
  2. What is your company’s LinkedIn presence? Do you have a company page? Are you sending out updates from it?
  3. What is your staff’s LinkedIn presence? Are they telling your company story effectively in their profile? Do they share stories of your company on their feeds? Are they displaying your company’s name properly so that their network can check you out properly?
  4. What story do your other social media tell? Are you conveying stories of your business through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Are you showing your company culture or merely re-posting for the sake of looking active?
  5. Is your company on Glassdoor? If so, do you have positive or negative reviews? If it’s the latter, are you actively looking to resolve this?
  6. Do you have a recruiter working for you? How are they advertising your opportunity? Are you hidden or visible in the ad copy? Are they effectively communicating your story and using their social networks effectively

It’s understandable that, when you’re in a pinch, the rush to fill a position can supersede your overall web presence; but planning now for future hires will put you miles ahead when the next hiring round comes to fruition.

The bottom line is doing this right may just give you a competitive edge over other companies in your industry.
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