Financing Your Marketing Investment

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and 6P Marketing facilitate marketing initiatives through long-term planning.

The words "marketing" and "quick fix" go together like oil and water. Many business owners throw their whole budget into a magazine ad or mailer, thinking that the possibility of an immediate payoff is the way to go. Some call it ROI. This one off type of marketing is a gamble and it rarely pays off.

Looking to really succeed in business? The key is to shift the focus from short-term.

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The Value of an Agency of Record

Unsure what a marketing agency in Winnipeg can do for your business? Let 6P Marketing – the small business marketing experts near you – help find new business.

In today's competitive marketplace, efficient and effective marketing has become a hallmark of successful businesses. Engaging potential customers and moving them to make a decision is both an art and a science, requiring a diverse set of skills that no one person can possess.

That's where marketing agencies come in.

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3 Things You've Always Wanted to Know About Marketing Agencies

Discover the benefits of using a local marketing company. 6P Marketing is a full service marketing agency in Winnipeg.

Question #1: What is the Value of Using a Marketing Agency?

I get asked this question all the time and, honestly, my answer varies person to person. Every business is unique and every market requires an open mind and careful thought. While these variables affect my long answer to this question, my short answer always remains the same: hiring a marketing agency will help you achieve greater awareness, interest and quality leads.

In this article I dive deeper into the unique value that agencies offer, and also answer a few additional questions that I'm asked on a regular basis.

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Good Value = Big Business

Find out why good service and good value are still the staples of good businesses.

By Paul Provost, President

Recently, I had an interesting experience over breakfast - one that relates to most every business and how they operate and how they market themselves. Allow me to explain:

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7 Steps to Develop an Effective Marketing Communications Strategy

red phone and cord

Paul Provost, President

Gaining awareness is one of the first steps in the sales process and the main focus of your marketing communications (marcom) strategy. Getting to know your audience, crafting your message and tracking results are only a few pieces of the puzzle.

Why all the fuss? An effective marketing communications plan results in a better, more consistent brand experience. The end result: more sales.

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