Building a Well-Organized, Superstar Marketing Team

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Paul Provost
6P Marketing

Developing professional, effective marketing strategies starts with improving team organization. Whether you employ an internal marketing team, outsource to one or more agencies or utilize a combination of both, great marketing starts with a well-organized team.

Great people lead to great marketing.

The start of the process is reviewing your company’s past marketing performance to determine where your company succeeded and where you failed. Did you meet past goals and targets? Are you proud of the marketing communications you presented? Next, it’s time to complete an in-depth analysis of your marketing team and organizational structure, as well as future goals. You can then assess the options available to your organization, and begin to choose the structure that works best for you.

Here is a short step-by-step guide designed to help you build your great marketing team:

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The WAG, Wabbits and Warner Brothers on the branding process

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Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

So I went to the WAG last month to see the Warner Brothers exhibit. What I went for and what I left with are two very different things: it’s the kind of moment brand managers, like 

Sylvester - Waner Brothers Exhibit

me, really live for.

What I went to see:
A few of my old childhood friends: Daffy Duck, The Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Foghorn leghorn – and more.

What I left with: A whole new appreciation for brand management.

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Why Valentine's Day?


Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

I got my 1st valentine from Billy Buckley the class bully. Like many other kids in the class he got a book of them and passed them out to friends and foes. Looking back on those days, getting the most valentines was a whole lot like having the most friends on Facebook. Some things never change…
Why Valentine's Day?

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Let Passion Drive You

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Let Passion drive you ----

Have you ever witnessed someone passionate about a product or service they were offering?

Perhaps it was a genuinely friendly smile and hello from the Walmart greeter or the unexpected follow up from the service/sales rep for a product you recently purchased. It doesn’t happen often, does it? It is oftentimes empowering, inspiring and motivating.

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