Driving your website forward

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Working in website development can be very similar to being a manufacturer.

If we use automobile manufacturing as an example, your expertise is in constructing a beautiful piece of technology that has styling which appeals to different demographics. The purpose of your end product is practical: Whereas a car provides transportation, a website provides information and sales while a car provides transportation. Both have extra parts that can provide safety, entertainment, comfort and navigation.

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Why Your Website Should Change Every Four Years

Is it time to redesign your company website? Consider a fresh website design by Winnipeg’s small business marketing specialists, 6P Marketing.

Take a moment and think about everything that has changed for you and your business in the past four years.

Whether it's your life, your business or the lives of your friends, four years can be an eternity. Now take a look at your website: how many updates have you made over the same time period? What percentage of the content on your site is current and up-to-date? If you've seen changes in your product/service line-up, market focus or team, does your website do those changes justice?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a full website review/overhaul every four years. Here's why:

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Planning Your Website: Six Simple Steps

sketch of thumbnailsPaul Provost, President

Whether you plan on developing a new company website in-house or through a marketing agency, proper research, planning and goal-setting is imperative. Thorough website planning ensures that all parties are on the same page working towards the same goals. If you choose to contract the site to an agency, doing your own planning beforehand helps with the estimating process and will save both you and the agency time and money

Here are six simple steps to get your website off to the right start:

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Is Your Website Producing or Snoozing?


Follow these Six Steps to Activate Your Website

Paul Provost
6P Marketing

Is your website producing new leads, or just sitting around waiting to be found?

Inactive websites are just that: inactive. If your site isn't updated regularly, search engines will slowly decrease your website's visibility to prospective clients. Even worse, if your website is inactive, it probably isn't doing your brand (or sales team) justice.

Most business websites – small business websites in particular – haven't had a new piece of content added in months or even years. For businesses looking to present themselves as industry leaders, this simply isn't good enough.

Many business websites even fail to communicate these basics:

  • Clear phone # and contact information with an easy to use contact form
  • Details on how you work (don't assume that your clients or prospects understand your company / industry)
  • A level of professionalism that is commensurate with the quality of your customers. If you're seeking high quality clients, you need a high quality website/brand that competes with your direct competitors.

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