SEO is All the Rage but Just 1/3 of the Story

Search engine optimization (SEO) definition

Frank Wehrmann
Creative Director
6P Marketing

Did you know your web visitors can only get to your site in one of three ways?

It’s true! Check it out:

1. ORGANIC TRAFFIC (50-80% of your traffic)

  • Organic traffic is directed to your website by search engines like Google or Yahoo. But to appear at the top of a search results page, your website content must match the terms fed into a search engine better than any other web location’s.

2. DIRECT TRAFFIC (20-40% of your traffic)

  • Direct traffic sidesteps search engines completely with site bookmarks or because people remember your web address. Or maybe you gave them a business card.
    If people are coming to your site directly, odds are your site is important to them.

3. REFERRAL TRAFFIC (5-25% of your traffic)

  • Referral traffic comes to your site from all sorts of places: your Facebook account link and your e-mail signature link are two quick examples.

SEO IMPROVES ORGANIC TRAFFIC (which is about 50-80% of your annual traffic.)
Organic search is how most new visitors get to your website and SEO is the popular name for the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that the site appears (or ranks) high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Most clients leave the SEO work to their ad agency because it can involve revisions to: web address(es), keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, page addresses, page headlines, article headlines, subheads and individual web page articles to eliminate content ambiguity from a search engine perspective.

QUALITY CONTENT + DESIGN IMPROVES DIRECT TRAFFIC (about 20-40% of annual traffic.)
Because people only bookmark or remember the sites that are important to them, ensure your website looks memorable and that your web content is easy to find, understand, original and important to your audience. And like a great produce counter, keep the content fresh and inviting so people want to come back. After all, if nothing ever changes, why come back?

“WEB ACTIVATION” IMPROVES REFERRAL TRAFFIC (about 5-25% of your annual traffic.)
Referral traffic can come from offsite links, social sites, online sponsorships, P.R. or paid “CPC” advertising. Becoming involved with online communities that your core audience participates in and that you feel comfortable contributing to is a great way to begin improving your referral traffic scores.

Bonus: When you activate your website you’ll dominate search page results. Ask us how!


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