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Working in website development can be very similar to being a manufacturer.

If we use automobile manufacturing as an example, your expertise is in constructing a beautiful piece of technology that has styling which appeals to different demographics. The purpose of your end product is practical: Whereas a car provides transportation, a website provides information and sales while a car provides transportation. Both have extra parts that can provide safety, entertainment, comfort and navigation.


The similarities don’t end there. Just like the automobile industry, website builders tend to be open source – that is they use platforms that can be used universally and incorporate third party parts without having to do advanced programming on a custom build. As well, car and website maintenance have DIY capabilities. With manuals and tutorials at your disposal, changing product or service listings on your website can be accomplished the same way you may change your own oil or pump up your tires.

Where the difference lies, however, is in what you can do yourself. Heavier website work can also be accomplished on your own if you’re prepared to invest the time. Rarely will you meet a car DIY’er who will replace their own windshield or do a full paint jobs, but adding extra layers of user protection to your website, for example, can be done yourself.

This recently became a prominent topic with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Introduced by the European Union, GDPR set forth new guidelines for user privacy. While many facets were similar to CASL legislation that Canadian companies managed a few years ago, GDPR was more extensive and required additional work in order to be compliant. On the surface, making changes to your website for GDPR compliance or changes for other reasons may seem intimidating, but there are some fantastic tools that can help you navigate your website’s structure.

One of those tools is builtwith.com. This tool will itemize important facets to your website that you’ll need to know about as you approach compliance For example, your programmer may have installed Google Analytics tracking, which Builtwith will identify for you. This is important, as GDPR dictates that you must be open with surfers, sharing information on tracking software you use (found either in your privacy or cookie policy) and information on how their identities can be removed. It will also show you facets such as which plugins are being used to weed out spam emails sent through your forms, scripts that are used to build your website and other areas you may wish to explore.

DIY’ing your website doesn’t stop there. Knowing how to change product lineups on your site, upload coupons in printable PDFs or adding testimonials are simple tasks that will save you time and money.

This is just one of the tools available to you, but so too are professionals, like the staff at 6P Marketing, who can help you in remodelling or maintaining your website. It’s completely understandable that you would feel more comfortable leaving website work to the professionals, much the same way you would take your car to a service station for an oil change or replacing your transmission.

To speak with an expert at 6P Marketing about maintenance, detailing, tune ups or other website service, fill out our contact form or call 204-474-1654.

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