Top six tips for improving your e-newsletters

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Sending e-newsletters can be an essential part of any marketing plan.

Whether you are outbound communicating to your clients and prospects, inbound messaging to employees or both, the medium continues to be of great importance. Obtaining high open and clickthrough rates (CTR) are vital to your success. 

And what should those rates be? Good question, and the answer is more complicated than you might expect. Depending on the industry you’re in, the rates will vary greatly. One helpful resource for this is Mailchimp, who publishes sector averages on a regular basis. Early this year, the email platform released its most recent report, showing that average sector open rates can go north of 27 per cent and dip below 15 per cent. CTR, meanwhile, can be anywhere between 1.06% and 4.78%.

Knowing the rates is only part of the battle – the other, very important part, is arming yourself properly with the best content that will get you the opens and clicks you desire. Here are six tips to get you started:

1> Create a catchy subject line – This may seem like ancient advice, but when emails are coming in and getting ignored or dumped frequently, you need to stand out. Stating the purpose of your email outright, giving a promotional tease or using eye-catching language (including humour) are all mechanisms that can help you achieve your success.

2> Be mindful of spam – It feels like it was ages ago that spam filters were the hot topic when so many users were using Hotmail or Yahoo for email. Today, email hosts are far more diligent than they were years ago in identifying what is a real email that should be reaching you and a piece that is e-trash, so it is still vital to be aware of what words may not get passed a spam filter.

3> Keep mobile in mind – Whether you’re looking to strike with consumers or business leaders, you’re increasingly connecting with people on their mobile devices. Your email setup should be responsive, something easily achieved by using a platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

4> Use buttons over links – There was a time that having images was a daunting thought due to size and plain text readers over HTML emails. Those days are long gone. Now, your call to action is best suited to stand out from your text and may be all you need to draw that all-important click.

5> Show personality – Dry emails get skipped quickly. Fun, engaging content will help you keep a reader’s attention once they open your email. Don’t forget to keep the creativity going throughout your email plan – having one stand out and then slide back to ho-hum is an easy way to lose continual opens.

6> Add some motion – Animation has long been a part of the web and the .gif has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks in large part to Meme culture. Most companies only use these graphics on their websites and social media, forgetting that there is tremendous opportunity to standout from static-image-heavy emails. This is your opportunity to stand out, so take advantage.

Building an e-newsletter and full campaign is, by no means, an easy task, but the importance cannot be under-stressed. We know this from experience and are ready to put our years of digital success to work for your email marketing needs.

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