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While phone calls, conference calls, e-mails and couriers are great tools and have their place in established relationships, NOTHING can replace face to face rapport building.


So we begin there.

6p Red BulletWe prefer to start with weekly face-time to ensure we’re in step and dancing to the same music.
6p Red BulletAgree how we will communicate and what we should focus on.
6p Red BulletWho does what and in partnership with whom.
6p Red BulletWhat is sacred and what needs to be trashed.
6p Red BulletWhat the pace is for strategic and tactical projects.

If your present marketing agency does not share and honour your vision and values, the work may be good – but off strategy.

Once we’re on the same path, we will build an advertising plan with you to complement your marketing plan.

Together we’ll agree:

6p Red BulletWhich proprietary or syndicated research best represents your opportunity in industry trends.
6p Red BulletWhich data best points the way to the audiences most likely to repeatedly enjoy your services.
6p Red BulletHow Marketing and Advertising will work together to showcase the 'best in your operations'.
6p Red BulletTo work together to design and develop media plans and creative work because the typical "three creative / media options" agency presentation approach does not guarantee better work - just larger invoices. We only proceed with your work once we see things the same way - and from the customer's point of view.

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