My take on the Apple iPad – why your business should get at least one

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Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

On May 28th the iPad arrived in Winnipeg and because I had the day off, I took some time to look at what one reviewer calls “the ultimate middle-class gadget”. For an hour I explored it and watched others do so as well. By the time I got to the store by mid-afternoon, price sensitive early adopters had snapped up all the affordable 16GB and 32GB models, leaving sales people no choice but to flog the 64GB iPad at an all in price close to $1,000.  

Apple iPad

While I, like others, found myself backing off at that $1,000 price tag, over the last few days I’ve been thinking about how much other good / portable technology cost me over the years: 

•    My 1st 286 \ 64mb NEC desktop with NO mouse and a B/W monitor cost $1,500.00
•    My 1st HP LaserJet III (B/W) printer cost me $1,200.00
•    My 1st Toshiba Portege subnotebook cost $1,200.00 used
•    My 2nd Toshiba Portege subnotebook cost $900.00 used
•    This NEC 770 MobilePro which featured touch screen, instant on ram memory, ran most MS applications, PDF viewer, web browsing capability as well as a drawing application: $750.00
Mobile ComputerWhile my Portege and MobilePro computers gave me unparalleled freedom to create on the fly, they came with a few limitations – not unlike the iPad. I believe the iPad is a device that, with or without the optional keyboard and sync cables, will expand your creative freedom exponentially. 

Consider this: if you dedicate yourself to learning one new iPad application each day, it would take you over 410 years to master them all. Astounding.

5 Reasons why I think your business needs at least one:

  1. For the fun of it. Fun is an integral part of the lateral learning process and can yield insights and perspectives that help position you and your business more advantageously.

  2. The iPad is a VERY tactile experience. The very fact that you interact with it differently than with a netbook or a notebook PC will again lead you to look at and think about things differently.

  3. The screen size, portability and web accessibility options makes it easier than ever to keep your personal and professional social media lines open – and your conversations going.

  4. It’s a great CHANGE Metaphor. It’s always a bit uncomfortable moving out of my comfort zone. But once I’m on the road – I love the childlike joy of discovery that comes with the exploration of a new territory. The iPad is a great metaphor to demonstrate that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, but that you need to leave your comfort zone and hop the fence yourself!

  5. BONUS: if you are self-employed or own a business, IT’S A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS EXPENSE!

Final thought – I bought my last NEC 770 about six years ago and it still does cottage and travel duty: places where I value it’s long battery life, games, and basic business applications. That’s $125 / year, and that number’s getting lower every year. The initial cost is only the initial cost. Is the iPad for you?

Send me an email and let me know what you think. 

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