Broken Trust with Tim’s: It’s a brand problem!

Tim Hortons coffee - is it on branding life support? Read more from 6P Marketing.

“Trust is an important driver of consumer purchasing decisions.” – Saul Klein, Dean, Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

So goes the importance of branding. If you have confidence from your customers, you’ll succeed; lose their following and the ground you stand on will start to quake.

Read more: Broken Trust with Tim’s: It’s a brand problem!

Six lessons my “Brand-Fathers” taught me about media & change


Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

I was recently asked to help work through a thorny client issue that prompted me to connect Father’s Day and Branding. I’m calling it Brand-Father’s Day. The challenge before me was this: An older, (normally) very astute client who was looking at tomorrow with yesterday’s eyes, was expecting the “old” ways to work the way they used to.

My short (imagined) answer was, “That’s not going to happen because your contacts (and those in their Rolodexes) retired long ago.”

The long answer should interest you if, like me, you work with multi-generational clients and you’re building a multi-faceted communications plan for your brand. I also aim to show you why traditional advertising strategies still make sense even if the tactics do not.

Read more: Six lessons my “Brand-Fathers” taught me about media & change

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