SEO is All the Rage but Just 1/3 of the Story

Search engine optimization (SEO) definition

Frank Wehrmann
Creative Director
6P Marketing

Did you know your web visitors can only get to your site in one of three ways?

It’s true! Check it out:

1. ORGANIC TRAFFIC (50-80% of your traffic)

  • Organic traffic is directed to your website by search engines like Google or Yahoo. But to appear at the top of a search results page, your website content must match the terms fed into a search engine better than any other web location’s.

2. DIRECT TRAFFIC (20-40% of your traffic)

  • Direct traffic sidesteps search engines completely with site bookmarks or because people remember your web address. Or maybe you gave them a business card.
    If people are coming to your site directly, odds are your site is important to them.

3. REFERRAL TRAFFIC (5-25% of your traffic)

  • Referral traffic comes to your site from all sorts of places: your Facebook account link and your e-mail signature link are two quick examples.

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10 Ways to Celebrate a Corporate Anniversary


Paul Provost
6P Marketing

People remember and celebrate their wedding anniversaries (especially after they’ve forgotten once!). We understand that these milestones are an important way to reflect on where we’ve been and reaffirm our commitment for the future – and we all agree that those things are worth sharing and celebrating.

Why don’t businesses do the same?

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Contingency Planning

guy with yellow background

Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

The VAST majority of (younger) clients that I have worked with over the last 35 years do not understand contingency planning. They set aside some money for “plan B” but never sort out what kind of eventualities they may have to address in scenario B, C, D, E – or F for that matter. 
After all – “I don’t’ know what I don’t know. And I’m sure as hell not going to tell anyone that I don’t because there are 50 people lined up for my job who will swear that they do know!”

Time and money are two other reasons why marcom contingency plans are becoming rare.

If you want to build a decent contingency plan ...

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The Not-So-Mystical World of Social Media Marketing

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Kevin Parsons
Business Development Specialist
6P Marketing

The popularity of social media marketing continues to rise year after year. To grab an even greater share of online ad dollars, the main social media platforms continuously develop new and creative ways to help businesses reach a greater audience.

While this may seem exciting – and in many ways it is – many of the business owners we speak with consider social media to be a main stress point. Here are the three most common scenarios we hear from business owners:

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