Built for Speed: 6 Reasons Your Website is a Tortoise

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Paul Provost
6P Marketing

When building a website, speed is key.

Attention spans are at an all time low and if people need to wait for your website to load, they will probably just leave and find a faster one. Higher load times are particularly problematic for mobile devices as people on the go need things RIGHT NOW.

As a basic rule of thumb, any website that takes more than 2 seconds to load (6pmarketing.com is clocking in at 1.29 seconds) should be cause for investigation.

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Your ever-changing brand terrain

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Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

Charlie and I took a walk on the beach today (as we do most days). Here the grass is still green and many asters, roses, dandelions and clover species are still blooming. We have fog, little frost and no snow. I’m sharing this news with you because it underscores the need to think about all six P’s of marketing before you look out your “local” window and project the problems & opportunities you see around you onto the world at large.

Southern Ontario retailers are stocking, but won’t be selling rock salt, shovels, blowers, remote starters, batteries, snow tires and other “deep-freeze basics” any time soon. That impacts carrying costs, profit margins and other operational realities.  

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Should you hire a marketing agency?

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Paul Provost
6P Marketing

Many business owners / leaders feel that their marketing efforts are OK, but they know that they could be better - they just don’t how how. If you’re in the same boat, it may be time to examine your marketing setup and look at new options. There are three routes you can take - OPTION 1: Continue to do it yourself, OPTION 2: Hire a marketing specialist or OPTION 3: Outsource some or all of the tactics to a marketing agency.

Your budget, as well as your specific business and marketing goals, are likely the most important factors affecting your decision. Each option has pros and cons and so, to help you down this path of discovery, we’ve created quick guide to help you compare your options.

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Choosing the Right Winnipeg Marketing Agency

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Hiring a marketing agency is a cost-effective way to improve marketing quality and consistency. If you've made the decision to source and hire an agency, the next step is finding one that fits your organization's goals, budget and values. Fit is essential. This is harder than it sounds as each marketing agency generally specializes in specific sectors, tactics and/or business sizes - there is no one size fits all solution. So how do you find the right agency for your organization?

The following 5-step process helps you to source, interview and evaluate your top agency picks.

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Searching for Truth Online: A Guide to Questioning and Filtering Data

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Paul Provost
6P Marketing

Searching OnlineWhen I think back to university, memories flood in. I remember hauling piles of textbooks home from the university bookstore on the first day of school. I recall mornings, afternoons and nights spent searching for books in Dafoe library.

Wow how things have changed!

Wikipedia, Google and countless websites and blogs didn't even exist then and are now only clicks away. With this shift, a whole new set of skills is essential for students and for business people's success: the ability to sift through the Internet and find accurate, trustworthy information.

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