Back to School Marketing: A Change of Season + Reason

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Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

I was conditioned to “going back to school” for 17 years. Friends of mine who are certified professionals like doctors and lawyers were conditioned for another 10.

Towards the end of my summers (in Toronto) the Canadian National Exhibition (a.k.a. CNE) would flare up for 10 days and then shut down again. To Torontonians its opening signalled the end of summer.

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7 Tips for Terrific Tweeting

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Here are seven simple rules to follow when starting out on Twitter. Although they are mostly "don't do this" thoughts, don't let that dissuade you from using it. Using Twitter is just like using a website - there are things you do and things you don't… and it's mostly common sense. Most importantly of all, have fun with it!

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6P's Top 10 Online Marketing Tools

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On a daily basis we utilize a wide wide WIDE range of amazing online tools to help us collaborate more efficiently, quantify our clients' marketing results and improve the quality of our work. Without further ado, here is a list of our Top 10 Online Marketing Tools.

Please keep in mind that it wasn't easy ordering these, they're all amazing tools that bring smiles to our faces every day. Enjoy!

#10. Filezilla
A Great Free FTP Solution

Filezilla FTPAt its core, a website is a series of code, files and images stored online in a hosted folder. When you're designing a website and it's time to upload your files to your hosting folder, it's best to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client software. The FTP bridges the gap between your computer and your online hosting, allowing you to add, remove and revise files. The FTP Software we use and love is called Filezilla. It's simple, powerful, has an awesome name and it's open source… so it's free!

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Six lessons my “Brand-Fathers” taught me about media & change


Frank Wehrmann
6P Marketing

I was recently asked to help work through a thorny client issue that prompted me to connect Father’s Day and Branding. I’m calling it Brand-Father’s Day. The challenge before me was this: An older, (normally) very astute client who was looking at tomorrow with yesterday’s eyes, was expecting the “old” ways to work the way they used to.

My short (imagined) answer was, “That’s not going to happen because your contacts (and those in their Rolodexes) retired long ago.”

The long answer should interest you if, like me, you work with multi-generational clients and you’re building a multi-faceted communications plan for your brand. I also aim to show you why traditional advertising strategies still make sense even if the tactics do not.

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Winnipeg Coffee Wars: How Tim’s pushed past Robin’s

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Paul Provost
6P Marketing

When two companies sell similar items at a similar price with a similar level of quality, how does one all of a sudden seem SO much better? The difference is a winning marketing plan.

Let’s take our dear friend coffee and run with that example. In the bargain coffee segment we have two big Winnipeg competitors: Tim Hortons and Robin’s Donuts. They both serve coffee, donuts and light meals. They’re both cheap, fast and both companies are in their 30s. Yet, due to strategic planning, they have very different reputations in the city.

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