MB Pork - Public Trust Strategy

The Pain: Although Manitoba’s pork industry contributes billions to our provincial economy and provides countless benefits for individuals and communities, a disconnect exists between the public’s love of pork food products, and their negative perceptions of pork production practices. In order to strengthen public trust, Manitoba Pork needed to demonstrate shared values while educating the public on the industry’s significant, ongoing investments in the areas of research, training, animal health, animal care practices and environmental impact.

The 6P Solution: Working closely and collaboratively with Manitoba Pork, and relying heavily on market-based research, 6P developed a Public Trust Strategy comprised of a brand strategy, communications plan and messaging matrix, and multimedia marketing plan. Together, these elements form the roadmap that will guide the brand, messaging, positioning and placement of every corporate communications effort, every in-market tactic and every customer interaction for years to come.

The Outcome: After years of reactive communications, the Public Trust Strategy gave Manitoba Pork the tools to proactively connect with today’s socially aware, health conscious meat-eating consumers. By leading with a platform of shared values, buttressed by credible facts and defensible findings, the pork industry is actively sharing messaging that resonates in the heads and hearts of Manitoba food buyers. While the strategy has only been active for a handful of months, early results indicate that the public is receptive to direct, positive industry messaging – a victory, especially in light of a recent surge in negative press regarding pork production.

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