MB Pork - We Are Part of the Solution

Crisis Communications

The Pain: Manitoba’s pork industry came under fire when a Manitoba Government research paper singled out agriculture as the key contributor to Lake Winnipeg’s algae problem. To set the record straight, Manitoba Pork needed to discredit myths about the pork industry and educate the media and the public of the ways in which Manitoba’s pork producers are part of the solution.

The 6P Solution: An award-winning communications campaign that informed the government, the media and the public of the roles and resources Manitoba’s pork industry has invested in the protection of the waters of Lake Winnipeg and our environment as a whole.

The Outcome: Omnibus surveys indicate that, following the campaign, public opinion about Manitoba’s pork industry shifted in a more favourable direction. Editorial articles were more balanced and fair to the industry, and opportunities opened up for discussions with the Manitoba government.

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