Richardson International

Brand Positioning + Awareness Campaign

The Pain: Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Richardson International is one of Canada’s oldest and largest agribusinesses. However, the naming of Winnipeg’s new James Armstrong Richardson International Airport created confusion locally as to Richardson International’s industry, role and legacy. This was particularly true among urbanites, who held a general (if vague) awareness of the Richardson family name, and were unable to differentiate Richardson International from the diverse portfolio of companies bearing the name Richardson.

The 6P Solution: Working closely with the Richardson International communications team, 6P’s marketing strategists, account strategists, media buyer and creative team created the Richardson Is campaign. Featuring six simple, highly-focused messages proving that Richardson Is: Dedicated, Innovative, Invested, Pioneering, Global and Proud, the campaign appeared in highly-traffic locales throughout Winnipeg, Brandon, rural Manitoba and rural Saskatchewan. Digital and social platforms were further used to spark conversation and create clarity as to the key messages about the company. An internal campaign was also rolled out to Richardson’s own staff of 2500 encouraging them to be ambassadors.

The Outcome: This campaign, which was the first time Richardson International had promoted themselves to non-customer audiences, was well received and appreciated by all levels of Richardson staff, partners and business associates. Through traditional media alone, the campaign generated over 28 million touchpoints. For the first time, the public could differentiate Richardson International from the larger Richardson family of businesses, with the knowledge that “Richardson International” means “large” “Canadian” and “agribusiness.”

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