Huron Windows

Brand Awareness

The Pain: A Manitoba family-owned manufacturer of high quality windows and doors for over 35 years, Huron Windows needed help competing in the local market. They engaged 6P to help raise consumer brand awareness, generate leads, direct traffic to their showroom, and enforce Huron’s reputation as ‘the’ brand for Manitoba’s premier residential windows and doors.

The 6P Solution: We worked closely with the Huron management and marketing team to develop a series of high-quality advertising and sales tools, designed to elevate Huron above the competition. Targeted direct mail pieces and door knockers were strategically dispatched, while a modern, highly navigable website was built to convey the brand’s value proposition. These were supported by online advertising (AdWords), radio ads, brochures, corporate profiles and tradeshow displays.

The Outcome: Through ongoing strategic, strongly branded advertising and sales tools, Huron has established a solid market presence, and is in-demand as ‘the’ provider of Manitoba’s premier residential windows and doors, built to last.

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