Scatliff + Miller + Murray

Brand Repositioning

The Pain: Scatliff + Miller + Murray’s award winning planners, designers, biologist, and technologists develop innovative, collaborative, and sustainable projects that transform the liveability and attractiveness of the places where we live, work, and play. They needed a website that positioned them as global urban design and landscape visionaries.

The 6P Solution: The 6P business definition process enabled all key stakeholders to define and agree on their brand’s strategic advantage from a marketing, advertising and sales perspective. The brand distinctions were then applied to a new + improved brand guide, annual marketing plan and advertising.

The Outcome: A tightly focused and distinguished brand that differentiates Scatliff + Miller + Murray from the pack and generates pride of ownership among employees. A new website that quickly conveys to its visitors that this is where the best visionary urban designers and landscapers can be found.

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