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    By: Jason Cohen, Copyblogger

    Whether it’s a cover letter for your resume, a sales pitch to a client, a blog post, a Twitter tweet, or an internal business proposal, all of us need to write in a way that draws the reader closer to us.

  • Paul Provost,President

    People passionate about small businessesWhen people think business they usually think big business. They think of large corporations and big employers. When people think of business owners, they often picture wealthy business people driving BMWs across town in sharp suits. The truth though is that some 98% of all employer businesses in Canada are small businesses. Powering these small businesses are passionate movers and shakers who have dreams of success, each with a unique set of resources (skills, talents, assets, experience) that will help them make it or break it.

  • being thankful

    Paul Provost
    6P Marketing

    We are truly privileged to work with some fantastic people at some great companies. The most rewarding part is that they feel so good about our relationship that they regularly refer other fantastic people at other great companies to work with us. In the last week, I was thankful for:

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  • Tim Hortons coffee - is it on branding life support? Read more from 6P Marketing.

    “Trust is an important driver of consumer purchasing decisions.” – Saul Klein, Dean, Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

    So goes the importance of branding. If you have confidence from your customers, you’ll succeed; lose their following and the ground you stand on will start to quake.

  • CMHR

    The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is envisioned to be an international destination of human rights learning, dialogue and greater understanding. Museum visitors, both online and in-person, will be taken on a journey through our human rights history. They will learn from the past and acquire the skills to change the world today. Centrally located in Winnipeg, the crossroads of Canada, the Museum is intended to become a major hub for international human rights activity and the largest, most comprehensive centre of its kind in the world.

  • envisioning tomorrow

    Mary Sohn
    Account Coordinator
    6P Marketing

    Welcome to 2011. The memory of 2000 still seems recent. Yet as the decades trickle by, we still move on, still dream, and hope to progress and change. What lovely, human qualities. With the year of the tiger coming to a close making way for the quieter rabbit, Winnipeg is stirring under its frozen veneer.

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    The impact of real photography versus stock when communicating to clients

    Steve Bamburak, Associate Creative Director

    Something strange happened in 1999 and it certainly wasn’t the fall of civilization due to Y2K. While Bill Clinton faced and defeated impeachment charges, Jesse Ventura was sworn in as Governor of Minnesota, and the earth’s population crested 6 billion, something quietly and thoroughly changed the face of advertising forever.

  • books

    "Good branding without a good business plan is like prettying up a duck with no feathers.  It may look good but it ain't gonna fly."  Paul Provost, August 2010

    "The objective of all advertising is to buy new customers at a profit. Learn what your customers cost and what they buy...spend all of your ammunition where it counts."
    Claude Hopkins-Scientific Advertising (1923)

  • ocean cliff

    Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
    - Japanese Proverb

    “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
    - Jonathan Swift quotes

    “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.”

    - Helen Keller

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    Case Study: How One Business Used Positioning and Branding to Succeed

    Paul Provost, President

    In a recent interview with a business leader that markets high-end custom woodwork/millwork products to consumers, we came across a great story to share about how companies with high-end brands can achieve differentiation by investigating niche positioning and great branding.

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  • artists

    Paul Provost, President

    Someone recently commented that what we do at 6P is Art for Profit. It got me thinking… the team at 6P does produce art, but I've never thought of it as art for profit. Yes we get paid to do it, but I don't do what I do exclusively for profit's sake. What we do reminds me of a painter who also runs a framing shop to pay his bills and earn an income; it's finding a balance in life where you do what you love and live a life you're comfortable in.

  • Content blog

    In case you haven’t heard, content is king.

  • richard harrington

    At the WAG November 28, 2009 to March 14, 2010

    Richard Harrington (1911–2005) was one of Canada’s most respected photographers. Emigrating from Germany in the mid-1920s, he travelled to over 100 countries in the course of his career: some 2,400 photograph stories were published in magazines and 24 books. In 1987 a major exhibition of his photographs, Incredible Journeys, was held at the Canadian Museum of Photography in Toronto.

  • angry birdSummer iPhone Apps

    Daniel Billinkoff
    Copywriter / Coordinator
    6P Marketing

    It’s summer 2010, which means the sun is shining (or the rain is pouring), and the Apple iPhone is huge. Once you pick one up (if you ever find one), what are you going to do with it? 

    Although it does have a phone, sort of, it’s the Apps that truly make the iPhone amazing. Here are 7 summer iPhone / iPod Touch apps I recommend to new and old users alike.

  • something to think about

    Frank Wehrmann, Creative Director

    Michelle (my wife), Charlie (our dog) and I just got back from a 5,000 km plus trip that took us to Winnipeg and back, through Canada and many Northern States. It was a beautiful trip across a wonderful country packed with interesting people and places.

    Sadly, we're seeing more and more abandoned homes and businesses along the primary and secondary roads we travel. In some cases it's because the latest highway improvement did away with the vital off-ramp. In other cases the industry that gave reason for the town and sustained it has moved on.

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  • writing paragraphs

    By: Jon Morrow

    Anyone can write a paragraph, but not everyone knows how to write one that other people want to read.

  • flag

    Paul Provost
    6P Marketing

    • Do you ever catch yourself singing in your car on your way to work?
    • Ever cried watching a commercial?
    • If you look around your office, do you hear music playing or see people connected to their iPods?


    Music is a powerful device. South Africa Flag
    Music can bring sadness, happiness, anger, sexual tension, nostalgia and/or an insatiable desire to dance or sing in the most unnatural of places (like your car on your way to work). People often connect popular music with certain events in their lives. For example, I remember the song that played during the final dance at my high school prom. I remember the first songs my sons sang along to.

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been humming, singing and dancing to one song. It’s a song that is simply fun, positive and uplifting. This song has also infected those are around me. I send my kids to school humming it and catch myself singing portions of it throughout the day. If you can’t tell… I really like this song.

  • tony scherman

    At the WAG January 9, 2010 to March 14, 2010

    Tony Scherman is one of the most provocative contemporary practitioners of encaustic painting in Canada. Until recently the WAG held only a single representation of his work, but in 2009
    Scherman graciously donated eleven impressive paintings spanning his entire career.

  • web trends

    Frank Wehrmann, Creative Director

    While each of you runs a different business, from a design perspective, your needs are all the same: Your new visitors need to know who you are and what you do in about 30 seconds. Repeat visitors need to find want they need to make a decision quickly + effortlessly.

    Here are some of the more popular design trends that help make that happen.

  • Paul Provost, President

    Harry Rosen AdvertisementAbout a month ago I was taken aback by the newest Harry Rosen ad in the Winnipeg Free Press. The big budget print ad features none other than prominent American felon Conrad Black. As soon as I scanned the ad, I began to wonder why a high-end retailer would directly associate its brand with a convicted white-collar criminal?

  • workers

    Paul Provost
    6P Marketing

    When I sat down to write an article about people, I knew that I wanted it to be about someone who exudes positivity and passion. I wanted to write about someone who has succeeded in extraordinary ways in both life and business.

    Then, it dawned on me—the perfect subject— one whom I only know a little about, but enough to know that this person is truly extraordinary. Though I have never met or spoken to this Chicagoan, I somehow feel like I know her.

    If you haven’t already guessed whom I’m talking about, she’s retiring from a historic 27-year career…